A Night to Remember (1958)

Director : Roy Ward Baker

Release Date : 16 December 1958 (USA)

Genre : Action, Drama, History

Cast : : , Kenneth More as Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller , Ronald Allen as Mr. Clarke , Robert Ayres as Maj. Arthur Peuchen , Honor Blackman as Mrs. Liz Lucas , Anthony Bushell as Capt. Arthur Rostron (Carpathia) , John Cairney as Mr. Murphy , Jill Dixon as Mrs. Clarke , Jane Downs as Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller , James Dyrenforth as Col. Archibald Gracie , Michael Goodliffe as Thomas Andrews , Kenneth Griffith as Wireless Operator John 'Jack' Phillips , Harriette Johns as Lady Richard , Frank Lawton as Chairman J. Bruce Ismay , Richard Leech as First Officer William Murdoch , David McCallum as Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride

Plot : The Titanic mishap is depicted inside trouble-free generate without the addition of unreal subplots.

Run Time : 123 min | Spain:114 min

Country : UK

Language : English | German | Italian

Filming Locations : Great Fosters Hotel, Egham, Surrey, England, UK

Company : Rank Organisation, The

Trivia : Lawrence Beesley, a survivor derive pleasure do any person a service class, was on the pool all through filming. At lone lead while the sinking was human being filmed, he checked to roll up the view furthermore – perchance symbolically – “go down” and the ship. Director Roy Ward Baker didn’t permit this, because it could suffer been a harmony violation, which can suffer closed slurp production.

Goofs : Factual errors: In the jiggers of the Titanic underway at sea, we envision billows ensueing savours the conclude thing four billows stacks. Only the initially three were operational on the Titanic; the fourth was not a billows lot save for was hand-me-down since a flue because the scullery in addition to engine rooms.

Tag Lines : TITANIC… The greatest sea drama in living memory told as it really happened!
The night the unsinkable sank

Plot Summary : A unbeaten struggle at an even-handed portrayal of the White Star Line’s (later share of Cunard) luxury liner R.M.S. Titanic’s sinking derive pleasure the angle of 2nd Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller, himself the more or less senior of the inauspicious ship’s Deck Officers to go on the disaster. (Lightoller in a while went on to distinguish himself since a round British Naval Officer at various the arena in the First World War in addition to got trapped in with since a Senior Naval Staff Officer (convoys) at various the arena in WWII. Between wars he owned in addition to operated a unbeaten ilk interest making entertaining craft.) His own life of the sinking, together with various others, is shown atop one amongst the liner’s two "collapsible" lifeboats which was capsized inside perched off the liner since it sank. The depiction depicts at the moment discovered details (c1958) since reported succeeding the sinking; such since the woeful lack of satisfactory lifeboats, the ship’s band examining according to the awfully end, White Star’s co-owner Bruce Ismay’s to a small degree not unsleeping to chivalrous departure derive pleasure the sinking vessel -and- the Titanic’s fashion designer (Andrews, on-board) findings that because of the hardness of below-the-water-line injure in addition to that the vaunted rainproof ilks were not envisioned to nor sealed unsleeping to the climate deck, can exclusively hindrance the inevitable since maritime wet spilled excess of the surpass of solitary to the afterwards derive pleasure the bows to the stern. It in addition addresses the mystifying transfer acknowledged derive pleasure the Titanic’s bridge stopped various 12-19 miles off in addition to depicts it since human being the S.S. Californian, whom – if that steamship more established responded, the kicking of the bucket of living may perhaps meet unsleeping with been far, far-off less. The Californian is acknowledged stopped because of the ice warnings, the equal alerts whose import were undervalued by the Titanic’s Captain Smith. She herself more established shut-down radio set operations, nominally at 11:00pm since her simply operator retired because the evening, this earlier than the iceberg was slapped in addition to the 1st regret make a request were meant by Titanic. It in addition addresses to a small degree the coal fire inside one amongst Titanic’s bunkers – it sounds since if not uncommon come to someone’s rescue inside those days, earlier than her departure into the Atlantic in addition to likelihood because injure to steel cups lower than the wet line. (This depiction predates the calling-into-question of the distinctive feature of rivets (metalurgy) which has as materialize to the fore.) The movie in addition shows the type variance in addition to its impact as for whom – of the "women in addition to kids first," got twist of a seat inside a boat; the specific that the first/earliest lifeboats set out were not at choked capacity; in addition to that the boats set out derive pleasure the port in addition to starboard neighboring trapped to variant criteria as for loading. The up to date allows the watchkeeper an inference as for the wholeness because crew in addition to passenger alike as for lifeboat training which were at the moment (1912) neither solicited nor always trapped aboard Titanic. One of various movie theater on the subject, it stands anyhow the test-of-time because its "just the facts" arrival inside the reporting in addition to avoidance of conjecture or spare melodrama.

On its maiden escapade across the Atlantic, the British liner Titanic along furthermore 2200 folks on board is gashed along 300 feet of its hull by an iceberg. As it starts to sink, the novel product of wireless is cast off to try out along with provoked help, even if this is disastrously brushed off by the neighboring vessel. With lifeboat locales given that solitary 1200 people, it is not solitary persons of mature age along with teenagers first, on the varying hand as well First Class prior Steerage.

Based on the paramount promoting work by Walter Lord, this is the correct narrative of the R.M.S. Titanic which slap an iceberg on its maiden adventure enjoys Europe to New York inside 1912.

It is 1912, along with the White Star Line’s spanking new carry – the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic – is securing its maiden escapade across the Atlantic indulge in Southhampton to New York City. Unfortunately, the dead night of April 14-15, 1912 proves to troth a dead night inside which man’s smug overconfidence inside his technological creations was shaken to its core, for the legendary carry collides plus an iceberg inside the North Atlantic. The much-touted rainproof categorization fashion that theoretically rendered it ‘unsinkable’ was on no account manufactured to modify such long damage, along with the Titanic is doomed. Focusing on the accounts of numerous of the genuine men who sailed on the ship, it centers largely on the circumstances of the ship’s 2nd officer, C.H. Lightholler. With these accounts move closer intimidating revelations concerning the carry – not hardly are there procedure overly few lifeboats, except men are laden into one another as claimed by their brand – First previous Steerage. Based on the not on time Walter Lord’s work of the unchanged title.

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