Bunker nVa (2010)

Director : Joe Black

Genre : Action

Cast : , Ken Shamrock as Rock , Mike Brown as Lieutenant Chris Jacobs , Jess Weber as Han , Christopher Bihrle as Ranger , John Krauze as Mutt , Sandy Suy as Kim-Ly , Shane Scaccia as Pvt Peter Harwick , Douglas Szczesny Jr. as Pvt David M Church , Kody Thompson as Viper , Chuck Valente as Slade , Robert Bozek as Rabbit , Ted Dormeyer as Gunner , Lucas Isabella as Special Forces Guard , Phil Lape as Lieutenant June , Michael Casserino as Saint , Christopher Moshier as Swine , John Sindoni as Sgt. Hall , Glenn Vaughn as Reaper , Leo Vendedda as Six , Deuce Wayne as Venom , Dan Whitehead as Captain Cook , Timothy Dugan as Captain Dodge , Joe Black as GI Radio Operator , Lyndon Yaple as Kip , Zbigniew Krauze as Jones , Jazon Krauze as nVa Captive #1 , Jakob Krauze as nVa Captive #2 , Erik Charles as Chain Saw , Tamdan McCrory as Barn Cat , Jennifer L. Medders as Farmer Girl , Marc Sindoni as Cook's GI#1 , Twanta Craig as Crazy GI Captive , Bouty Chanthavisinh as nVa Guard , Brenden Wilcoxon as GI Captive Whisky , Billy Phiansouri as nVa Cabin Guard , Ping Phiansouri as nVa Patrol Guard #2 , Brad Vollmer as GI Medic , Colby Chambers as Ridgway , Adam Danni as Jumbo , John Hyppolite as Tuner , Andrew Leczynski as Helicopter GI , Linda Phiansouri as nVa Patrol Guard , Adin Stoldt as Fire Bird , Daniel Wloskowicz as nVa Shooter 3

Plot : “Bunker nVa” is a absent fight tattered bravery yarn of heroism, collection inside the uncharted lands of “The Ho Bo Woods” inside southern Vietnam circa 1965… See more » |

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Buffalo, New York, USA

Plot Summary : "Bunker nVa" is a non-existent struggle shredded nerve chronicle of heroism, pool inside the uncharted lands of "The Ho Bo Woods" inside southern Vietnam circa 1965. Following a counterfeit ghost look up given that a neglected Special Forces holder point by a personality of filthy age they reach Ranger; Pvt. Johannes Schenke (Han), an engineer, strives to until an purported nVa (North Vietnamese Army) operative, a Vietnamese babe seen Kim-Ly, at the nearby of his beau comrades who undergo been captured by Ranger furthermore his traitor Special Forces lineup sec working out of an lonely nVa bunker.

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