Das Boot (1981)

Director : Wolfgang Petersen

Genre : Action, Drama, History, War

Cast : : , Jürgen Prochnow as Capt.-Lt. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock – Der Alte , Herbert Grönemeyer as Lt. Werner – Correspondent , Klaus Wennemann as Chief Engineer Fritz Grade – Der Leitende-Der LI , Hubertus Bengsch as 1st Lieutenant – Number One-1WO , Martin Semmelrogge as 2nd Lieutenant – 2WO , Bernd Tauber as Kriechbaum – Chief Quartermaster-Navigator , Erwin Leder as Johann , Martin May as Ullman , Heinz Hoenig as Hinrich (as Heinz Hönig) , Uwe Ochsenknecht as Chief Bosun , Claude-Oliver Rudolph as Ario , Jan Fedder as Pilgrim , Ralf Richter as Frenssen (as Ralph Richter) , Joachim Bernhard as Preacher , Oliver Stritzel as Schwalle

Plot : The claustrophobic planet of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth, along with absolute terror.

Run Time : 149 min | 209 min (director's cut) | 293 min (uncut version)

Country : West Germany

Language : French | German | English

Filming Locations : Atlantic Ocean

Company : Bavaria Film

Trivia : Unusually because a chief motion picture, was filmed largely inside sequence.

Goofs : Crew or furnishings visible: When the planes are attacking the harbor, a hire that is implied to simulate the increase of a bomb reduced indulge in the sky is evident on the dampen inside a wide shot.

Tag Lines : This is the story of 42 raw recruits caught up in a war they didn't understand, and the Captain who must lead them in their struggle to survive.
The other side of the Battle of the Atlantic.
40 000 men were sent out on German U-boats… 30 000 never returned
Eine Reise ans Ende des Verstandes
When the hunters become the hunted
Hitler sent out 40,000 men aboard German U-Boats during World War 2. Less than 10,000 returned.
Wenn Jäger zu Gejagten werden.

Plot Summary : It is 1942 in addition to the German submarine fleet is heavily tied up inside the therefore got on to "Battle of the Atlantic" to harass in addition to exterminate English shipping. With enhanced escorts of the Destroyer Class, however, German U-Boats withstand begun to get hefty losses. "Das Boot" is the tale of solitary such U-Boat crew, and the flick fiddling how these submariners maintained their professionalism since soldiers, checked to attain not possible missions, spilt second repeatedly struggling to discover in addition to obey the ideology of the government less than which they served.

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