Game of Death (2010)

Director : Giorgio Serafini

Genre : Action, Adventure

Cast : , Wesley Snipes as Agent Marcus, Zoe Bell, Gary Daniels as Zander, Robert Davi as Smith, Simon Rhee as Stairwell assasin, Richard Goteri as The Visitor, Vladimir Tevlovski as Agent, Ele Bardha as Security Guy #1, Darcy Leutzinger as SWAT Commander, Frank Zieger as Rooftop Cop, Ron Balicki as Jimmy, Michael Mili, Quinn Duffy as Redvale, Robert Oppel as Mental Lou, Denney Pierce as Assassin #1, LaDon Drummond as Jane, Dailyn Matthews as Nurse Rebecca, Stacie Hadgikosti as Annie, Banzai Vitale as Mental Patient #3, Alex Safi as Arms Dealer, Jaime Moyer as Floor Nurse, Eyad Elbitar as Driver bodyguard, Efka Kvaraciejus as Assassin #2, Benjamin Brennan as Bum, Larry C. Fenn as Officer Gonzales, Patrick Potochick as Security Guard, Michael Maurice as Dietrich, Joshua McCarthy as Patient, Dennis Budziszewski as Bum, Don Richard as Agent #5 , Jennifer Lynn Bryant as Nurse (uncredited), Eric Ian as The Informant (uncredited), Dave Kilgore as Psych Ward Patient (uncredited), Dennis McDermott as Mental patient (uncredited), Morris Lee Sullivan as Doctor (uncredited)

Plot : Secret Ops originator Marcus is sent to Detroit to confiscate an arms dealer as anyways as the brand of the hedge fund that is financing him. His CIA backup has varying intentions as anyways as turns on him as anyways as it’s a oppose to continue to exist inside a hospital.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Company : Alchemedia Films

Trivia : Abel Ferrara exited the job behind some weeks of inserting to muse on Jekyll plus Hyde (2010).

Plot Summary : A diplomat’s bodyguard as anyways as bureau are hurt inside a botched assassination attempt. They’re everything admitted to the equivalent hospital, where the bodyguard teams unsleeping also a nurse to protect the diplomat cherish a lineup of ruthless assassins. The nurse shortly learns that there is supplementary to this unpleasant predicament than expected.

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