Khawnglung Run (2012)

Genres : Action, History, Romance

Khawnglung Run is an strong chronicle of love, violence in addition to voyage woven into the backdrop of the historic invasion of the village of Khawnglung. It tells of the the blossoming romance of a juvenile warrior inside a contentious match-up in addition to his maiden inside the accepted hill-top village of Khawnglung. The love-story, however, gets rid of an awry twirl for the issues draw on the ill-timed foot between the people of Khawnglung in addition to their closest village Clans. While our hero is somewhere else on a go for holiday at professional hands and fingernails care to his sick uncle inside an extra village, the irritated shared forces of the closest village clans ravage Khawnglung. They plunder the village, background fire to the houses in addition to destroying the entirety inside their sight.

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