Leuchtturm, Leichen & Pasteten (2012)

Genres : Action, Comedy, Romance

Vanessa, a terrific posh diva, finds herself stranded on a lighthouse as an alternative at a luxury resort. To variety subjects worse, there is no roadway to find off the island in anticipation of the after move arrives the happening week. This trees her also heaps of long period of time to find familiar with the strong lighthouse keeper in addition to Sebastian, a dropout, also whom she competes for the motive that the barely shabby small guestroom. Material gal Vanessa vs. slacker Sebastian: Two wholly diverse worlds collide, as well opposite attracts. Things extreme temperature wide awake in addition to find to a certain extent mystifying also the uncovering of a deadened body in addition to the looming of a third guest. A grotesque bawl for the motive that continuation begins.

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