Mercy (2010/I)

Director : Coier Amerson

Genre : Action, Drama, Mystery

Cast : , Connor Paolo as Everett Cone, Shana Dowdeswell as Abby Jansen, Heidi Kristoffer as Emily, Arnold Chun as Yam, Rick Pantera as Hospital Orderly, Emily Tremaine as Resident Sabrina, Kevin Henderson as Mr. Hamel, John Mavungo as Various scenes, April Rawlings as Hitwoman, Brett McClelland as Doctor / Surgeon, Kristen Kress as Backround, Coier Amerson as Fred, Nate Lombardi as Angelo, Danna Kistler as Dr. Kistler (voice), Steve Beauchamp as Big Dude #1, Thomas R. Baker as Hitman

Plot : A buddy-action adjudge inside the underworld of New Orleans. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Emmett/Furla Films

Plot Summary :

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