Mission Park (2010/II)

Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order) , Chip Perro as Chris Ember , Sam Pannier as Tessa Faux , Lauren Guglielmello as Apple Orchard , Casey Preston as Timothy Note , Christopher G. Pike as Victor Strength , Mia Van De Water as Lacy the Artist , Lindsay Poole as Heather , Michael Tarara as The Executive , Robert Grayson as Police Chief Stoddard , David Ryan Kopcych as Patrick , Rick Perro as Narrator , Hugh Reiss as Hitman #2 , Lincoln Centeio as Hitman 1 , Michael Bottos as Hitman #3 , John Cleary as Roy , Sari Gagnon as Pam , Nathaniel Sylva as Engineer #1 , Sonya Joyner as Engineer 2 , Maya Murphy as Danielle , Lauren Belanger as Diana , Sisouk Vongbandith as Drunk , Barry Ace as Police Officer , DeWayne Rogers as Police Officer #3 , James Merolla as Police Officer #2 , Florence Chaer as Police Officer #5 , Jackamoe Buzzell as Mike , Stacey Polishook as Lynette , Janet Llavina as Armed Officer #2 , Adelle Scansaroli as Armed Officer 1 , Will Dragan as Guard #1 , Andrew Bard as Guard #2 , Ryan Gillis as Stick , Daniel Chiasson as Stone , Frank Tarara as Cole , Delilah Webb as Cindy , Caroline Rodriguez as Defiant Scientist , Christine McFadyen as Patrick's Mother , Miguel Lopes as Hoodlum #1 , Scott Neufville as Hoodlum #2 , Gregg Pannier as Mibsy Martin , Kyle Donlan as Blue , Vincent Pegurri as Black , John Barrett Jr. as Suits and Shades Gang #1 , Desiree Dudonnet-Olsen as Suits and Shades Gang #7 , Lisa Marie Gauvin as Suits and Shades Gang #3 , Alrick Hammar as Suits and Shades Gang #6 , Brina as Suits and Shades Gang #8 (as Brina Healy) , Karen Jannetti as Suits and Shades Gang #5 , Meredith L. Phillips as Suits and Shades Gang #2 , Karen Greenstein as Victim #1 , Amber Winske as Victim #2 , Yaminah Armand as Police Officer #10 , Andrew Edmonds as Police Officer #11 , Rene Giraud as Police Officer #6 , Ian Oliver Martin as Police Officer #8 , Christopher Merolla as Police Officer #4 , Donny A. Rennie Jr. as Police Officer #12 , Joel Sadler as Police Officer #14 , John Shute as Police Officer #15 , Dan Stebbins as Police Officer #13 , Jack Tracksler as Police Officer #7 , Vera Farina as Panicked Scientist 4 , Margaret Jones as Panicked Scientist 1 , John McCue as Panicked Scientist #5 , Saie Sabet as Panicked Scientist 3 , Emmalyn Anderson as Club Girl , Justin Birenbaum as Club Person , Brianne Donovan as Club Person , Beatrice Dunnavan as Club Person , Shakara Hall as Club Person , Ellen Hochhauser as Club Person , Marisa Iacomini as Club Person , Stacey Forbes Iwanicki as Club Person , Peter Morse as Club Person , Bethany Murray as Club Person , Thomas R. Persing as Club Person , Andrew J. Steen as Club Person , Jen Thurlow as Club Person , Maria Vasallo as Police Officer #16 , Lindsey Vinson as Club Girl , Tajien White as Club Person , Eddie Sullivan as Man on Street , Scott Bettano as Honeymooner , Jerry Chu as Man Eating Lunch , Drew Cooper as Commercial Spokesman #1 , Brandon Stumpf as Commercial Spokesman #2

Plot : The Mission Park Superheroes join since a unused dead night to protect their domestic turf, along with break an evil blueprint by the villainous Executive.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : F.R. Perro

Plot Summary : Boston is the city where the superhero squad Mission Park comes to existence inside a vivid slapstick comedian essay world. Despite the team’s embarrassed relations, a jeopardy is fibrillation inside their house town, furthermore plus stakes at an all-time high, squad Mission Park will congregate given that a lone middle of the night to rout an evil plan began by the villainous Executive (Michael Tarara). Tessa Faux (Sam Pannier) leads the squad for the seductive socialite vigilante. Apple Orchard (Lauren Guglielmello) is the prim furthermore apposite sidekick who doesn’t swear, doesn’t lie then again pulls off lug just about an assault rifle to blow somewhere else criminals. Chris Ember (Chip Perro) is the spicy anarchist plus an enormous group of powers that are essentially mark of a plague that’s killing him. Timothy Note (Casey Preston) is simply inside the tournament given that the glory, furthermore Victor Strength (Christopher G. Pike) is the world’s strongest man. The saga parades for Chris Ember is recruited by the Boston Police Department to diffuse a duration bomb situation, that if not controlled, will traumatize the fortune of the finalize world. Mission Park is a slapstick comedian essay bender cherish writer/director Chip Perro.

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