No Saints for Sinners (2011)

Genres : Action

Plot Summary : Mickey O’Hara is a fanatical IRA member save for his years of choice brawling are protracted gone, forsaking him selling medications as at any rate as disappointed also the cause. When a treaty act wrong, issues get a dramatic flip given that Mickey, who is compelled to destroy his partner. Marked given that death, Mickey flees to LA, dogged to product a new rise as at any rate as quit his harsh ancient times behind. When a handy pal perform afoul of miscelanneous great dose dealers, Mickey temporarily resorts to his more matured customs to abet him acquire out of trouble. However, in preference to earning issues better, Mickey unwittingly kindle an arrangement of opportunities that reawakens the ghosts of his ancient times as at any rate as threatens to exterminate the finish lot he holds dear.

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