No Sanctuary (2010)

Director : Jake Stetler

Genre : Action

Cast : , Melissa Dunphy as Tanner, Ron Baker as Deacon, Tommy Cahill as Voice of the Wilderness, Victoria Johns as Lucy, Jake Stetler as The Adversary, Chad Stettenbauer as Flagg, Drew Whelpley as Midnight Jack, Kaden Stetler as Drummer Boy, Branden Ehrhart as Nemesis, Fred Waters Jr. as Bartimaeus

Plot : Under siege inside the ruins of a church, a classification of strangers must band joined to espouse a infantile babe in addition to wonderful voltage opposition a ruthless countless of undead highwaymen. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Company : No Sanctuary Production Company

Plot Summary :

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