Ran (1985)

Director : Akira Kurosawa

Genre : Action, Drama, War

Cast : : , Tatsuya Nakadai as Lord Hidetora Ichimonji , Akira Terao as Taro Takatora Ichimonji , Jinpachi Nezu as Jiro Masatora Ichimonji , Daisuke Ryû as Saburo Naotora Ichimonji , Mieko Harada as Lady Kaede , Yoshiko Miyazaki as Lady Sue , Hisashi Igawa as Shuri Kurogane , Peter as Kyoami (as Pîtâ) , Masayuki Yui as Tango Hirayama , Kazuo Katô as Kageyu Ikoma , Norio Matsui as Shumenosuke Ogura , Toshiya Ito as Mondo Naganuma , Kenji Kodama as Samon Shirane , Takashi Watanabe , Mansai Nomura as Tsurumaru (as Takeshi Nomura)

Plot : An of age lord abdicates to his three sons, as anyways as the two corrupt ones flip critical him.

Run Time : 162 min

Country : Japan | France

Language : Japanese

Filming Locations : Aso, Kumamoto, Japan

Company : Greenwich Film Productions

Trivia : Akira Kurosawa named his ahead of film, Kagemusha (1980), since a “dress rehearsal” since this film. He ran down ten life storyboarding every view inside the motion picture since paintings. The resulting mess of perceptions was published in addition to the screenplay.

Plot Summary : A fairy-tale of greed, a lust given that power, as at any rate as eventual revenge. The Great Lord Hidetora Ichimonji has was resolute to step aside to class chamber given that the younger blood of his three sons, Taro, Jiro, as at any rate as Saburo, the Lord’s hardly desire at present individual to live out his time since an cherished caller inside the castle of each of his sons inside turn. While the more established two sons sweet-talk their father, the fledging male child tries to implore him of the folly of looking ahead to the three sons to remain united; irate at the younger son’s arrange to signifies the danger, the father banishes him. True to the younger son’s warning, however, the oldest Son presently conspires also the muck in with male child to strip The Great Lord of everything, however his title.

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