Real Steel (2011)

Director : Shawn Levy

Genre : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Cast : , Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand as Ricky, Hope Davis, Anthony Mackie, Phil LaMarr as ESPN Boxing Commentator, James Rebhorn, Antoinette Nikprelaj as Boxing Fan, Olga Fonda as Russian robot owner, Karl Yune as Tak Mashido, Jahnel Curfman as Panoramic Fight Fan, David Alan Basche as ESPN Commentator, Dakota Goyo as Max, Robert Herrick as Extra – Bar Date, Ron Causey as Kingpin's Henchman, Richard Goteri as Russian Gentleman, Peter Carey as Panoramic Ring Announcer, Rick Robinson Jr. as Underground Promoter 'Motown Ax', Steven Scott as Lieutenant – Kingpin, Michael Patrick Carmody as Axelrod Handler, Jason Hughley, Alan D. Purwin as Helicopter pilot, Andrew Kruczynski, Torey Adkins as Texas Man, D.B. Dickerson as Twin Cities Controller, Steven Hugh Nelson as Western Bar Patron, Gary L. Minix as Laughing Zoo Fight Fan, Julian Gant as Metal Dome Robot Reporter, Larry C. Fenn as Boxing fan, Shane Hagedorn as Photographer, Jamie Berk as Zoo Guard and Crazed Zoo Fight Fan, Mike Ancrile as Fight Fan, Marco Ruggeri as Cliff, Chris Newman as Starblaze Security Guard, Joey Ghinelli as Fight fan, Jeff Caponigro as Bailey's Dad, Daniel Everett Watson as Fight Fan, Ken Alter as Motor City Spectrum Ring Announcer, Chris Mannix as Writer #1, Jordan Messing as Vendor, Eric Gutman as WRB Promoter , Wendy Aaron as Robot Handler / Fight Fan (uncredited), Joshua Amir as Upper Class Boxing Fan (uncredited), Apollo Bacala as Paparazzi (uncredited), Leah Barkoff as Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited), Joshua Ray Bell as Rodeo Cowboy (uncredited), Don Boerst as VIP Fight Fan (uncredited), Wayne E. Brown as Upscale Boxing Fan (uncredited), Brandon Byrd as Fight Fan (uncredited), Justin P. Calkins as Rodeo Cowboy & Fair Attendee (uncredited), Tom Carlson as Gentleman #1 (uncredited), Will Clarke as Photographer (uncredited), Sandy Coonan as Metro Fan – Big Rock / Zoo (uncredited), John Dezsi as Drunkard (uncredited), P.J. Edwards as Axelrod Controller (uncredited), Shannon Edwards as Ringside VIP – New York (uncredited), Raffi Elias as Ringside Security Guard (uncredited), Tom Feldpausch as Fight Fan (uncredited), Logan Fry as Rabid Fight Fan (uncredited), Ryan Genther as Texas Fairgoer (uncredited), Jake Godzak as Extra (uncredited), Ashley Goulson as Fight Fan Extra (uncredited), Megan Grant as Vendor (uncredited), Joey Harlow as Upper Class Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited), John Hawkinson as Gentleman #2 (uncredited), Tim Holmes as Blacktop (uncredited), Josh Jones as (uncredited), Nathan Kranzo as Photographer (uncredited), Joe Kras as Boxing Fan (uncredited), Dan Lemieux as Panoramic Center Ref (uncredited), Sophie Levy as Sister #1 (uncredited), Tess Levy as Sister #2 (uncredited), Nathaniel Loveland as Upper Class Upscale Fight Fan (uncredited), Rich Lozano as Fight Fan (uncredited), Bill Lumbert as Fight Fan (uncredited), Brad Leo Lyon as Fight Fan (uncredited), Jon Manthei as Crash Palace Bouncer (uncredited), Rance Martin as Fight Fan (uncredited), Samuel Meadows as Boxing Fan (uncredited), Wendel Millstead as Farrah's Body Guard (uncredited), Kirstie Munoz as Vendor (uncredited), Anton Narinskiy as Farra's Body Guard (uncredited), Matt Philliben as Zues' Lead Roadie (uncredited), Ralph A. Recchia as Boxing fan (uncredited), Kara Joy Reed as Title Fight Fan (uncredited), Nicholas Ritz as Extra: Rodeo / Fair Goer, Fight Fan Panaramic, Fight Fan Metro, Fight Fan Zoo (uncredited), Jeff Rosenfeld as Boxing Fan (uncredited), Shana Schultz as Metal Dome Spectator (uncredited), Daryl M. Simpson as Fight Fan / Robot Roadie (uncredited), Brian Anderson Smith as Fight Fan (uncredited), Dwight Sora as Japanese Reporter #2 (uncredited), Alan Stefan as Fight Fan (uncredited), Tiffany Stone as Tak's Girl (uncredited), Morris Lee Sullivan as Cowboy at Rodeo / Robot Fight Fan (uncredited), Eric Tuchelske as Fair Goer #154 (uncredited), Taris Tyler as Robot Fight Promoter (uncredited), Brett VanDunk as Fight Fan (uncredited), Johnathon VanDusen as Fight Fan (uncredited), Jojuan Westmoreland as Fight Fan – Zoo (uncredited), Paul W Wilson as Air Force Captain (uncredited), Amanda Wright as Ricky's Girl (uncredited)

Plot : A wrestling drama collection inside the near-future where 2,000-pound robots that glimpse such as humans do battle.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : 341 N Jefferson St, Mason, Michigan, USA

Company : FilmNation Entertainment

Plot Summary : A future-set chronicle where machine exchanging blows is a celebrated games also centered on a under pressure promoter (Jackman) who thinks he’s considered a victor inside a discarded robot. During his anticipating advance to the top, he similarly discovers he has an 11-year-old youngster who desires to discern his father.

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