Red Dawn (2011)

Director : Dan Bradley

Genre : Action

Cast : , Chris Hemsworth as Jed Eckert , Adrianne Palicki as Toni , Josh Hutcherson as Robert , Josh Peck as Matt Eckert , Isabel Lucas as Erica , Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Col. Andy Tanner , Connor Cruise as Daryl Jenkins , Edwin Hodge as Danny , Alyssa Diaz as Julie , Brett Cullen as Tom Eckert , Michael Beach as Mayor Jenkins , Will Yun Lee as Captain Lo , Matt Gerald as Hodges , Kenneth Choi as Smith , Ron Yuan as The Clerk other cast: , JB Blanc as Newscaster (voice), Fernando Chien as Lt. Yee, Cindy Chu as Female Clerk, Mark Schlereth as Coach Donlen, Rusty Mewha as Brian, Chameria Law as Chinese Collaborator, Lucas Kerr as Raznor / Number 53, Kelly Jennings as Erica's Mother, Julian Alcaraz as Greg, Noah Smith as Joe, Steve Lenz as Pete, Matt Philliben as Backstrat #41, Spencer Strong Smith as Jim, John P. Chittick as Check-point Smuggler, David Law as Teen Collaborator #1, Suzanne C. Lee as Chinese Dignitarian , Vincent Angelini as Bartender (uncredited), Richard 'Rick' Bobier as Homeless Street Person (uncredited), Scott Boeneman as Homeowner (uncredited), Linda Boston as (uncredited), Ron Causey as Homeless Townsperson (uncredited), Will Clarke as Civillian / Refugee crowd spectator (uncredited), Kenny Clark as Crowd Spectator (uncredited), Adam DeFilippi as Titan's Waterboy (uncredited), Sabrina Dungan as Titan Cheerleader (uncredited), P.J. Edwards as New Recruit (uncredited), Jacquelyn Evola as Daughter #1 (uncredited), Jacqueline Forton as Refugee / Homeless Person (uncredited), Robert Herrick as Friend #4 (uncredited), Eric Ian as (uncredited), Josh Jones as Wolverine Football Fan / Sandwich Artist (uncredited), Giles Key as Town folk (uncredited), Dave Kilgore as Prisoner (uncredited), Doug Kolbicz as Wolverines Fan (uncredited), Chris Kotcher as New Recruit (uncredited), Choua Kue as (uncredited), Diane M. Leach as Civilian / Refugee (uncredited), Lawrence Leach as Civilian / Refugee (uncredited), Jason W. Lee as Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Vong Lee as Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Bill Lumbert as Refugee (uncredited), Samuel Meadows as Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Misty Mills as Refugee (uncredited), Tiffany Osborne as Civillian (uncredited), Ho-Sung Pak as Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Jason Polly as Guy at the Bar (uncredited), Ralph A. Recchia as Neighbor (uncredited), Mark Rothman as Townsperson (uncredited), Daryl M. Simpson as Civilian (uncredited), Dwight Sora as Drunk Officer (uncredited), Tiffany Stone as Bar Hottie (uncredited), Eric Tuchelske as Titan Booster (uncredited), Brett VanDunk as Civilian (uncredited), Johnathon VanDusen as Refugee / Homeless Person (uncredited), Paul W Wilson as Spokane Local (uncredited), Amanda Wright as Bar Girl (uncredited), Li Xing as Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Gowhnou Yang as Female Chinese Soldier (uncredited), Courtney Zimmer as Titans Cheerleader (uncredited)

Plot : A array of youngsters glance to excepting their town fancy an invasion of Chinese also Russian soldiers. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Company : Contrafilm

Plot Summary :

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