Shanghai Knights (2003)

Director : David Dobkin

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Western

Cast : : , Jackie Chan as Chon Wang , Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon , Fann Wong as Chon Lin , Aaron Johnson as Charlie Chaplin , Aidan Gillen as Lord Nelson Rathbone , Tom Fisher as Insp. Artie Doyle (as Thomas Fisher) , Donnie Yen as Wu Chow , Oliver Cotton as Jack the Ripper , Alison King as Prostitute , Constantine Gregory as The Mayor , Jonathan Harvey as Fagin #1 , Richard Haas as Street Preacher , Anna-Louise Plowman as Debutante (as Anna Louise Plowman) , Georgina Chapman as Debutante , John Owens as Server

Plot : When a Chinese insurrection murders Chon’s estranged father plus escapes to England, Chon plus Roy brand their style to London and payback on their minds.

Run Time : 114 min

Country : USA | Hong Kong

Language : English | Mandarin

Filming Locations : Action Under Water Studios, Hertford Road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Company : Touchstone Pictures

Trivia : This movie is the foremost English-language role plus Hollywood debut given that Fann Wong.

Goofs : Errors envisioned by conducts (possibly muse errors by the filmmakers): When Lord Rathbone exposed an automation Gatling gun also stated it was British originality he was partially incorrect. The Gatling gun was a hand cranked weapon that was established by Richard Gatling, American, inside 1861 also patented May of 1862. The initially automatic, self-powered appliance gun was presupposed by an American born Briton, Sir Hiram Maxim inside 1884 also initially showed inside 1885. The Maxim gun exposed minute resemblance to the Gatling gun. Automatic Gatling method guns finished not appear concerning till the 1940’s.

Tag Lines : A Royal Kick In The Arse

Plot Summary : When a Chinese revolt murders Chon’s estranged father as anyways as escapes to England, Chon as anyways as Roy style their road to London plus reprisal on their minds. Chon’s sister, Lin, has the equivalent idea, as anyways as uncovers a worldwide conspiracy to murder the royal kind nevertheless just about no person will accept her.

Chon plus Roy type to London to interpret the insurrection who wiped out Chon’s father plus shake wide awake Victorian Britain inside the process. Chon’s sister, Lin, additionally thirsty given that vengeance, stumbles into anything gives the look to engagement a conspiracy to off the royal family.

In the 1880’s, Chon Wang’s father as at any rate as keeper of the Imperial Seal has been massacred by Parliament as at any rate as royal ilk member Rathbone, (who steals the Imperial Seal) plus Chon Wang’s sister, Chon Lin, witnessing the murder. Chon Lin follows Rathbone to London to eradicate him, minute sending Chon a letter describing him of the murder. Chon after that travels to New York since Roy O’Bannon. Together they journey to England as at any rate as go through Chon Lin to eradicate Rathbone as at any rate as acquire the Imperial Seal back.

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