Silverado (1985)

Director : Lawrence Kasdan

Release Date : 10 July 1985 (USA)

Genre : Action, Western

Cast : : , Kevin Kline as Paden , Scott Glenn as Emmett , Kevin Costner as Jake , Danny Glover as Malachi 'Mal' Johnson , Marvin J. McIntyre as Clerk at cavalry outpost , Sheb Wooley as Cavalry Sergeant , Jon Kasdan as Boy at Outpost , John Cleese as Sheriff John T. Langston , Todd Allen as Turley Deputy Kern , Kenny Call as Turley Deputy Block , Bill Thurman as Carter , Meg Kasdan as Barmaid at Sang's Saloon , Dick Durock as Turley Bar Fighter , Gene Hartline as Turley Bar Fighter , Autry Ward as Hat Thief

Plot : A outsider gathering of friends appear mutually to correct the injustices which exist inside a minute town.

Run Time : 132 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA

Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation

Trivia : This was Richard Jenkins’s show debut.

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: After saving the wagon concatenations wealth relishes the gang inside the canyon, Emmet, Paden furthermore Mal are inactive on horseback babbling because the wagon teach moves relishes exact to disappeared in the rear of them. One wagon may well engagement discovered along furthermore the wagon expressions markedly contravened furthermore personality dragged in the rear of the direct team. The hardly process the lineup is united to the wagon is by the reins inside the drivers hands.

Tag Lines : Get ready for the ride of your life.
Four strangers became friends. Four friends became heroes. On the road to… Silverado.
A dangerous place, in a lawless time… 'Til four friends risked all to make things right.
Ride with them to the adventure of your life!

Plot Summary : In 1880, four people in general tour in concert to the city of Silverado. They come upon plus a lot of dangers sooner than they in the end appoint the "bad guys" plus transfer tranquility plus equality cooperate with to the city.

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