Six Days in Paradise (2010)

Director : John Vidor

Genre : Action, Comedy

Cast : (in credits order) , Michael Madsen as Rich McShane , David Carradine as Vernon Billings , Danny Trejo as Ruben Skinner , George Kennedy as Monty Crenshaw , Joanna Krupa as Ginger , Vera Fontaine as Layla , Kala Alexander as Clarence Makaha , Brian Byrnes as Eddie Masters , Coco Ho as Alicia McShane , Makua Rothman as Nate , Eddie Rothman as Surf museum curator , Kalani David as Cal , Bruce Glover as Frank Burns , Eric Huerta as Bruce Cogburn , Vivian Voss as Jessica , John Vidor as Jimmy Stewart , Joy Anuhea Medeiros as Chelsea Billings , Alex Florence as Leah , Patrick Fisher as Jackie , Mark Partain as Skatepark ripper , Ace Cool as Archie , Deanna Alvarado as Estelle , Larry Haynes as Marty , Amanda Ruby as Mini , Merly Villama as Estelle's secretary , Annie Gerstenberger as Hair-cutting maid , Ian Souter as Peirre / Fencer of goods , Gregg Donovan as Himself , Tamayo Perry as Himself , Greg Gerstenberger as South Carolina Serviceman , Hurricaine Bob Brown as Eddie's red wagon driver , DeWalt Mix as Rope climber (high-bar sit-ups , Luke Lewers as Mitch – Foosball dude , Jessica Anderson as Tawni , Katy Walters as Eddie's ex , Crash Carson as Caped crusader , Rosey Silverstein as Surf shop girl , Kelmer Beck as Car rental clerk , Mark Sanderson as Ad Executive on beach , Karl Schober as Innocent Inmate , Craig Monson as Towtruck , Debbie Kumagai as Prison guard , Karina Deyko as Katrina – Potential ring-girl , Adam Ronson as Danny , Michael Bollweg as Hawaii-bound surfer , Angie Lopez as B.H. Hotel maid , Ashley Ayers as Bikini model posing , Charlie Herr as Beach photographer , Mary-Jane Jalei as Champagne girl , Takashi-Chi Saito as Beach Photographer , Chryza as Sushi girl , Triniti Bhaguandas as Soprano Vocalist (in Miata) , Racquel Kussman as Mandy , Christina LaGrande as Billie , Emily Bertman as Pawn shop girl , Rebecca Rodriguez as Soprano vocalist (leash tree) , Zac Glade as Gardener , Marcus G. Marcos as Surfer with dogs on board rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Lisa Cain as Newscaster V.O., Hollywood as Pitbull, Hone as Brown Lab on surfboard, CJ Johnson as Boxing Trainer, Pono as White Lab on surfboard, James Thurman as Pawn shop father, James Thurman Jr. as Pawn shop youngster, Tuko as Chiuaua

Plot : A reformed gambler browsing given that his ex-wife in addition to daughter; an amateur private-eye he hires; an assassin on a mission… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Hawaii, USA

Plot Summary : A reformed gambler browsing because his ex-wife in addition to daughter; an amateur private-eye he hires; an assassin on a mission, and; a recruiter of mixed-martial arts fighters. Their lives intertwine as they forge to Hawaii to pull off their respective objectives. Rich McShane has beat intimate demons which days before now lent a (helping) hand to to extricate him indulge in his better half in addition to kid. He at present requests to retrieve his classification unit, in addition to suspects the ex- in addition to female descendant are in existence on the North Shore of Oahu, which happens to be, the reading assets of the world. Rich hires his pal, twenty-six year-old, Eddie Masters, to tour to Hawaii inside stealth mode, to specify whether the droop is accurate. As Eddie searches he meets in addition to is befriended by Layla, a admirable nursing-student amid a divorce with, Clarence Makaha, perchance the certain hazardous local on the North Shore, in addition to found out finished out the address because his know how inside mixed-martial arts. Eddie in addition to Layla are attested collectively in addition to statement travels fast. That nighttime Eddie is awakened, tazered, transported minute unconscious, stretched to a fishing-boat, in addition to deposited in the midst of the ocean, inside the black of night, leaving behind him treading dampen below the moonlight also no homestead inside zero in on inside shark-infested waters. He has only grow to be the area of what’s found out inside urban legend because a Hawaiian divorce. Being that Ed is no stranger to fight-training himself, if he can-somehow live on this quiz of will in addition to arrive at dry homestead just once again, blood will without a doubt spill. (And, he may well however catalyze that classification reunion). It the conclude thing functions down, inside the route of, SIX DAYS, opposed to a backdrop of world-class surfing, mixed-martial arts, pretty beaches, in addition to the conclude thing also lone may possibly anticipate to notice IN a neighborhood called…PARADISE.

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