Soar Into the Sun (2012)

Genres : Action, Drama

After he performs a hazardous dare-devil stunt at an air show, South Korean Air Force usher Tae-hun is kicked out of the elite Black Eagles flying players plus transferred to a war casing where he at once comes into variance plus ace usher Cheol-hui. He stamps friends plus the varied pilots inside the casing plus falls inside fondness plus the good-looking Se-young, who is inside hire of maintenance, excluding his antics shortly create the finish casing to troth immersed loves duty. When a North Korean MIG fighter threatens, the collection is made articulation with encourage into a uncontrollable dogfight that grass one and only pal deadened plus one more missing. Cheol-hui plus Tae-hun touch forces to rescue their dropped comrade plus hamper a damaging war.

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