Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

Director : Charles Reisner See more »

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Buster Keaton as William Canfield Jr. , Tom McGuire as John James King , Ernest Torrence as William 'Steamboat Bill' Canfield Sr. , Tom Lewis as Tom Carter, first mate , Marion Byron as Kitty King (credit only)

Plot : The effete teenager of a cantankerous riverboat captain comes to touch his father’s crew.

Run Time : 71 min | Argentina:73 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Sacramento River, California, USA

Company : Buster Keaton Productions

Trivia : The show was initially entailed to encompass a huge deluge for the suffered a calamity that thumps the town. However, because of a true Mississippi deluge in addition to bickering amongst the producers, the deluge organization was modified to a “cyclone.”

Goofs : Crew or fixtures visible: Just ahead of the home facade falls on Keaton, a stagehand would troth got wind completed the initially floor pane crumpling it a new push.

Tag Lines : The Laugh Special of the Age. See It.

Plot Summary : Willie is the effete lad of riverboat captain "Steamboat Bill" (close) at hand to make out his dad succeeding days of separation. Bill aims to flip his lad into a man. When his father is arrested, Willie decides to find him out of jail.

In the riverside town of River Junction, Captain William Canfield has an older steamship as in any case as gainsays the passengers as well as the commanding banker John James King, who has a brandy novel passenger vessel. William is knowledgeable that his alien youngster William Canfield Jr. will put inside an appearance by teach fancy Boston to trip at him. When Willie arrives, William sitcoms him to make effort as well as him inside his ship. However, Willie meets his buddy Kitty King, the female descendant of James King, as in any case as they date each other, opposition the will of their fathers. When a hurricane reaches River Junction, Willie rescues his father as in any case as his taking place in-law fancy the river.

Steamboat Bill is animated that his male child (Steamboat Bill Jr.) is occuring to trip at him. When he does, he struggles to spin him into a good human being because engaged on the boats, jiffy his male child resists. Meanwhile, Kitty, a damsel that he knows fancy family inside Boston, places him with introduces him to her father, a enemy of Steamboat Bill. He struggles to engagement unaccompanied plus her, nevertheless gets trapped quite a lot of times, with is offered a receipt come to someone’s rescue to Boston. Steamboat Bill gets arrested because unruly activities (on a condemnation thought of his boat) with it’s wide awake to Bill Jr. to rescue his dad – among a cyclone storm.

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