Submission (2010/I)

Genre : Action, Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Ving Rhames as Bobby , Ernie Reyes Jr. as Johnny , Sara Downing as Julia , Matthias Hues as Matt , Maria Conchita Alonso as Maria , John Savage as Harbin , George Takei as Krang , Fernanda Romero as Natania , Gray Maynard as Torch , Ernie Reyes Sr. as Diego , Frank Shamrock as Rider , Mariano Mendoza as Pedro

Plot : This full-contact conduct drama, overloaded and real different martial arts, is a being greater than exciting narrative of redemption.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Columbia, Missouri, USA

Company : Photo-Kicks Productions

Plot Summary : Johnny (Ernie Reyes, Jr.) earns a meager years executing given that his father because an auto-mechanic. At night, he hurries up to the local MMA gym as nonetheless as serials and Sensei Gene (Ving Rhames) given that an endeavor at becoming a Pro-MMA fighter. That is, in anticipation of he falls given that the Sensei’s baby girl (Sara Downing). Struggling to brand additional currency given that his teen family, Johnny takes out a employment collecting given that a steroid pusher. When the employment operates south, he strives to acquire the pieces of his contravened family, sole to judge that skin ability is not enough. He must notice the meaning of the expression submission.

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