The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008)

Director : Ji-woon Kim

Genre : Action, Adventure, Western

Cast : : , Kang-ho Song as Yoon Tae-goo / The Weird , Byung-hun Lee as Park Chang-yi / The Bad , Woo-sung Jung as Park Do-won / The Good , Je-mun Yun as Byung-choon (as Jae-moon Yoon) , Seung-su Ryu as Man-gil (as Seung-soo Ryu) , Young-chang Song as Kim Pan-joo , Byung-ho Son as Seo Jae-sik , Dal-su Oh as Messenger for Kim Pan-joo (as Dai-soo Oh) , Cheong-a Lee as Song-yi (as Chung-ah Lee) , Kwang-il Kim as Two Blades , Dong-seok Ma as Bear (as Don Lee) , Kyeong-hun Jo as Doo-chao (as Kyung-hoon Cho) , Hang-soo Lee as Karemaru , Hyun Joong Kang as Ghost Market Gang Leader , Sung-min Lee as Chef

Plot : The narrative of three Korean outlaws inside 1940s Manchuria along with their rivalry to possess a value map bit personality pursued by the Japanese army along with Chinese bandits.

Run Time : South Korea:139 min | South Korea:120 min (Cannes Film Festival) | Argentina:130 min (Mar del Plata Film Festival) | Japan:129 min | USA:130 min

Country : South Korea

Language : Korean | Mandarin | Japanese

Company : Barunson

Trivia : Actor Woo-sung Jung (“The Good”) broke his arm throughout filming.

Plot Summary : A guksu western. Three Korean gunslingers are inside Manchuria circa World War II: Do-wan, an straight reward hunter, Chang-yi, a thin-skinned with ruthless killer, with Tae-goo, an arrangement robber and nine lives. Tae-goo finds a map he’s influenced leads to buried treasure; Chang-yi wishes it similarly because less apparent reasons. Do-wan manners the map knowing it will transport him to Chang-yi, Tae-goo, with benefit money. Occupying Japanese forces with their Manchurian collaborators likewise yearn the map, since completes the Ghost Market Gang who hangs out at a thieves’ bazaar. These enemies half-caste procedures regularly with deadened bodies pile up. Will any individual make of the map’s zone with carry on to enlighten the tale?

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