Biggles (1986)

Director : John Hough

Genre : Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi, War

Cast : : , Neil Dickson as James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth , Alex Hyde-White as Jim Ferguson , Fiona Hutchison as Debbie , Peter Cushing as Colonel William Raymond , Marcus Gilbert as Eric Von Stalhein , William Hootkins as Chuck , Alan Polonsky as Bill , Francesca Gonshaw as Marie , Michael Siberry as Algy , James Saxon as Bertie , Daniel Flynn as Ginger , Roy Boyd as German N.C.O , Samantha Bradshaw as Hotel Girl , Andrea Browne as Lady Buyer , David Butler as British Officer

Plot : One petty the New Yorker publicizing specialist Jim Ferguson is at a problem make whoopee — the after he finds… See more » |

Run Time : France:92 min | Sweden:85 min | UK:108 min | Spain:88 min (DVD edition)

Country : UK | USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Beckton Gasworks, Beckton, London, England, UK

Company : Compact Yellowbill

Trivia : The view where the helicopter lands with at that time soars once more take amusing in a flat wagon on a production on the move at way over 40mph more experienced not at all been drive ahead of this movie with more experienced to troth prolonged 15 spans way over two time ahead of the directors were happy that it gave the impression basically right.

Goofs : Errors inside geography: Some scenes purportedly inside New York are as expected filmed inside the UK, evidenced by the observable UK approach markings.

Tag Lines : Meet Jim Ferguson. He lived a daring double-life with one foot in the 20th century and the other in World War I.
The ultimate adventure.
Never has a time warp been quite as warped as this.
Fast food executive Jim Ferguson stepped out of his 47th floor office to go to the bathroom… and ended up in the middle of World War I. History will be grateful forever.

Plot Summary : One little the New Yorker publicizing specialist Jim Ferguson is at a interest whoop it up — the after he finds himself street muck inside with inside 1917 inside a plane oppose for the duration of World War I. Mr. Raymond explains to him that he has a time-twin, to whom he’s relocated inside cell along with span on every occasion one in every of one another is inside trouble. So he has to encourage his twin, biplane point Biggles, inside his arrange to eradicate a German wonderful weapon, that may well prevail their war. Of road it’s rigid as Jim to set out his abruptly disappearances to his fiance, Debbie.

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