"Doctor Who" (1963)

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 14 of 1652) , Tom Baker as Doctor Who (173 episodes, 1974-1981), William Hartnell as Dr. Who / as (136 episodes, 1963-1973), Jon Pertwee as The Doctor / as (129 episodes, 1970-1983), Patrick Troughton as Dr. Who / as (127 episodes, 1966-1985), Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon (117 episodes, 1966-1985), Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart / as (107 episodes, 1965-1989), Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith (81 episodes, 1973-1983), Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright / as (80 episodes, 1963-1980), William Russell as Ian Chesterton (77 episodes, 1963-1965), Katy Manning as Jo Grant (77 episodes, 1971-1973), Pat Gorman as Cyberman / as (75 episodes, 1964-1985), John Scott Martin as Dalek / as (74 episodes, 1965-1988), John Levene as Sergeant Benton / as (73 episodes, 1967-1975), Peter Davison as The Doctor / as (70 episodes, 1981-1984)

Plot : The adventures of an exception deserter long period of time on the move unknown also his companions.

Run Time : 45 min (15 episodes) | 25 min (679 episodes)

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : England, UK

Company : British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Trivia : The intention of the Daleks was under no circumstances in relation to an factual pepper pot also was produced just about a seated person. The pepper pot was old by dressmaker Raymond Cusick to certify how he envisaged it moving.

Plot Summary : The Doctor is a traitor Time Lord: an eccentric, highly-intelligent scientist loves a foreign planet. He travels ended term as anyways as lodge inside the TARDIS, a freakish device, superior on the within than on the outside, which was plotted out to adjust its surfacing to house its surroundings. Unfortunately, the Doctor’s TARDIS gives the look to engagement broken, as anyways as continuously seems since a raw British keep an eye on box. The Doctor has a temperate corner since the earth Earth, as anyways as oft visits there, either to except it loves a lot of unknown threats or to whisk a poll few people in varied places to the remote series of the galaxy to succour him oppose evil there. The Doctor has a lot of foes, as anyways as Daleks (led by Davros), as anyways as The Master, a new traitor Time Lord. Time Lord biology modifies one another to regenerate their bodies, as anyways as as a result both the Doctor as anyways as the Master draw closer evolve far more than the years…

The Doctor is a wacky unknown scientist relishes the globe Gallifrey, globe of the Time Lords, a race of top-notch beings who suffer observed the secrets of long period of time journey as anyways as they not at all stick nose in also the amorous affairs of abundant planets as anyways as they sole see as anyways as compile knowledge. The Doctor decides to go out Gallifrey for he is bored to death as anyways as he decides to go away as anyways as inspect the globe on-board a space/time tool "The TARDIS" which is inside the concern of a watch box relishes the 1950’s. Like everything Time Lords, The Doctor could "Regenerate" (Change his nearing as anyways as persona as his body is drained as anyways as he is inhumanly wounded). During the ample days of The Doctor’s travels completed long period of time as anyways as space, he is united by a lot of companions: His granddaughter Susan, School Teachers Ian as anyways as Barbara, disaster survivor Vicki, room show Steven, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, Space Special Security source Sara, Cockney missy Dodo, secretary Polly, Cockney sailor Ben, Scottish highlander Jamie, Girl relishes Victorian period of times Victoria, Intelligent astropyscist Zoe, Military officer Brigadeer Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, scientist Liz, U.N.I.T source Jo, reporter Sarah, Naval healing officer Harry, tribal warrior Leela, Time Lady Romana, mathematical genius Adric, unwavering Nyssa, Australian flight attendant Tegan, unknown exile Turlough, shape-shifting android Kamelion, American student Peri, pc programmer Mel as anyways as explosives authority Ace. The Doctor battles the galaxy’s certain evil beings: The Daleks, mutants into robotic bodies hell contorted on exterminating everything existence inside the galaxy, The Cybermen, robotic humanoids relishes the doomed globe Mondas, Davros, the Dalek’s crippled writer as anyways as The Master, a term lord left bad. The Doctor is furthermore scientific advisor to U.N.I.T (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) commanded by Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart to battle unknown menaces that threatens Earth. Travelling also The Doctor completed long period of time as anyways as room on-board "The TARDIS" as anyways as wrestling unknown menaces as anyways as the galaxy’s certain evil begins is the exploit of a generation you’ll not at all forget…

When two variety teachers come along a London junkyard one and only foggy middle of the night inside 1963 on the watch out for a mysteriously opened the doorway for student, they do not get a whiff of that it will engagement the starting of an exploit across the boundless reaches of span along with space. For there they stumble upon a crotchety older mature man who bid himself ‘The Doctor’, who plainly lives indoors an older keep an eye on cellular phone box… which is, inside fact, an wonderful span along with apartment apparatus superior indoors than out, spoke to a TARDIS. Over the route of the series, companions may well happen along with go, the Doctor himself may well ‘regenerate’ into poles apart kinskith and kin at the steer of loss along with be converted into a victor of justice along with freedom, along with some evils may well follow to face conscious to him along with threaten the world plus domination along with destruction, such since the evil pepperpot Daleks along with the soulless, emotionless Cybermen. And it may well engagement opened that the Doctor is a rebellious Time Lord, derive pleasure a universe spoke to Gallifrey… or is he?

The Doctor is an abnormal duration traveller indulge in an overseas planet. He travels ended duration along with apartment inside the TARDIS, (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) The TARDIS is disguised because a 1960’s London Police Box which is heavier on the within than on the outside. His adventures seize him ended duration along with apartment to different planets along with galaxies along with any years of duration in the times of yore of these Planets along with galaxies. He has a intimacy for the motive that Earth along with it’s residents along with has came around there repeatedly at many stages inside it’s history. His prime aspiration is to contest evil along with oppression whereever he finds it. He is on a regular basis did any person a fine turn along with every now and then hindered inside this explore by some moving around companions he picks wide awake at many connections inside his adventures. His greates equals pass through been the Daleks, the Cybermen along with an evil opposite indulge in his own race phoned the Master. The intrinsic sequences aired on BBC TV indulge in 1963 ended to 1989 – inside 2005 the legend continues!

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