Justin Time (2010)

Director : Rob Diamond

Genre : Adventure, Family

Cast : (in credits order) , Brian Wimmer as Uncle Heath , Danny Trejo as Mardok , Chris Laird as Justin , Shareece Pfeiffer as Angelic Romano , Michael Flynn as Michael Romano , Alyx Gaudio as Harvey , Troy Hinckley as Samuel , Mike Hildebrant as Rudy , Alex Egbert as Fletcher , Dave Martinez as Ben , Matthew Reese as Mr. Black , J. Omar Hansen as Omar , Bronzell Miller as Ace , Cyloie Neal as Bug , Nano De Silva as Nanju , Carolyn Morrison as Julie , Taylor Cummins as Alex , Michael Anthony Christian as Medicine Dog , Rdh Shinali as Red Fury , Rourke Diamond as J-Bird , Robert Newman as Grandpa Teddy , Pamela Chase as Mrs. Blaylock , Cameron Bronson as Nerd 1 , Austin Wheeler as Nerd 2 rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Ron Hibbard as Principal Conner, Michelle Money as Janey

Plot : An older furthermore paranormal amulet that has the current to bring to a halt span is knowledgeable generations till it finishes up inside the men of a teen grown person who must value extra vastly to technique its current because fine or because evil.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : 7Films7

Goofs : Continuity: When Justin initially opens the box containing the disc there are black in addition to ruby wires on the cards savours the disc although at that time whilst Justin reaches into his jacket given that the amulet to zone on the disc the wires go through mysteriously disappeared.

Plot Summary : An aged stone amulet plus program disc has the electrical energy to bring to a standstill time. Passed loves era to generation, these thrilling artifacts finally complete up inside the men of an 18-year-old half Shoshoni Indian described Justin, who chooses to to routine his electrical energy to type the globe a enhanced place. But on the peculiar closest of the equation is the power-seeking philanthropist, Micahel Romano, who attempts to savours the quality of the world.

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