La leyenda de las arcas (2010)

Director : Hugo Rodríguez

Genre : Adventure, Family

Cast : , John Rhys-Davies as Nathan, Adrian Alonso as Erick, Diego Velazquez as Omar, Ana Cixem as Andrea

Plot : Erik is a twelve per annum elderly boy whose emotion revolves between his pretty friend, Andrea furthermore a master’s capacity given that skateboarding… See more » |

Run Time : Mexico:90 min

Country : Mexico

Language : Spanish

Filming Locations : Guanajuato, Mexico

Company : NewLand Films

Plot Summary : Erik is a twelve once a year getting on boy whose emotion revolves between his gorgeous friend, Andrea along with a master’s capacity given that skateboarding. His brand has pecuniary nags along with is near to slack the brand business. Erik, himself has his portion of hitches as soon as the local gang struggles to class him a locale of their deals. Erik may well receive heed of himself, then again not Omar, Andrea’s infant brother, who becomes the target of the daytime given that the gang… Erik can’t accommodate then again except the daytime to impress Andrea, then again sec at it winds up in addition to Deik, the boss imminent one another into a sinister warehouse. In it, the youngsters experience an out of the ordinary come upon of gradings as soon as they encounter a murder. Nathan, a sacrosanct talent dealer, has simply slaughter Cliserio, a historian, inside demands to rob a map that agrees to point him to Hidalgo’s omitted treasure. But prior Cliserio expires, he manages to tear the map along with his half wind up inside Erik’s backpack. Nathan has noticed the youngsters along with he knows that they experience his varied half of the map… This is the opening to an adventure, where the youngsters elope to Guanajuato, primarily to pour bask in Deik, secondly to gauge an uncle along with accommodate Erik’s brand along with later, beyond accomplishing what’s on the map, to find Nathan’s valued treasure. They will engagement happened by Deik’s gang, by a imply Nathan along with his scorpions, along with sooner or later by the police. And they will except the day… by unearthing the gold along with creating a vast profit given that revolving Nathan inside to the Mexican Police Department.

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