Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste (1963)

Director : Guido Malatesta

Genre : Adventure, Romance

Cast : (Credited cast) , Kirk Morris as Maciste , Laura Brown as Queen Amoa , Demeter Bitenc as Ariel , Frank Leroy as Kermes , Alfredo Zammi as Tirol , Corinne Capri as Moana , Luigi Esposito as Arros , Nello Pazzafini as Guna , Alessio Pregara as King Olibana , Ines Holder as Asmyn , Letizia Stephan as Islander

Plot : Maciste plus his persons get away their volcano-ravaged island. They land up fixed inside between two warring tribes.

Run Time : USA:79 min | Italy:81 min | France:80 min

Country : Italy

Language : Italian

Company : Alta Vista

Goofs : Anachronisms: There are zippers on the headhunters” “skirts”.

Tag Lines : In a Time of Titans Colussus Towered Above All!!!

Plot Summary : Maciste rescues Ario, the youngster King Sandor, in addition to his kith and kin take amusement in their home inside a volcanic island that blows-up in addition to they vacation to the Land in addition to Urias inside a extensive in addition to unsafe voyage. They are captured by the Urias excluding as soon as the Queen Amoha meets Maciste, she tells that the recreant Kermis has tied the tribe of Head Hunters in addition to slaughtered her people, excluding the warrior Taro has backed up one another take amusement in the annihilation; however, her father King Olibauna was ignored inside action. She asks Maciste to encourage her opposition the Head Hunters, excluding Maciste tells that he is protecting the tribe of Ario. When the Urias are attacked by the Head Hunters, Maciste decides to encourage Queen Amoha.

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