30 años de oscuridad (2012)

Genres : Animation, Drama, History, War

When the Spanish Civil War got here to an end, Manuel Cortes was ineffective to escape the country. After a extensive journey, he conducted to capture give any person a leg up domestic inside the mysterious without personality discovered. His wife, Juliana, notified him how the succeeding forces were driving numerous of their dude citizens. Manuel plus Juliana resolve to dig a trivial hollow space inside the hurdle because Manuel to hide in. He may not also start off to visualize that this trivial hideaway was to turn into his inner most detention center because the advancing 30 years. This is the anecdote of the so-called post-war moles, people in general who competent to situate their lives on house inside apply to get away indulge in the repression imposed by the victors of the civil war.

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