Mimi wo sumaseba (1995)

Director : Yoshifumi Kondo

Release Date : 15 July 1995 (Japan)

Genre : Animation, Drama, Music, Romance

Cast : : , Youko Honna as Shizuku Tsukishima (voice) , Kazuo Takahashi as Seiji Amasawa (voice) , Takashi Tachibana as Seiya Tsukishima (voice) , Shigeru Muroi as Asako Tsukishima (voice) , Shigeru Tsuyuguchi as The Baron (voice) , Keiju Kobayashi as Shiro Nishi (voice) , Yorie Yamashita as Shiho Tsukishima (voice) , Maiko Kayama as Yuko Harada (voice) , Yoshimi Nakajima as Sugimura (voice) , Minami Takayama as Kosaka-sensei (voice) , Mayumi Iizuka as Kinuyo (voice) , Mai Chiba as (voice) , Satoru Takahashi as (voice) , Akiko Sakaguchi as (voice) , Hiromi Yasuda as (voice)

Plot : A tender damsel finds that the entirety the books she chooses inside the library taste been already verified by the equal boy… more |

Run Time : 111 min

Country : Japan

Language : Japanese

Company : Tokuma Shoten

Trivia : During the filming since the in advance “Majo no Takkyubin” (Kiki’s Delivery Service-lit. Witch’s Express Delivery) (1989), there was deal with that the state of the film, at the adjoining of the behaviour “Jiji”, a black cat, may perhaps craft a trademark dispute also Kuroneko Takkyubin (Black Cat Express Delivery). Kuroneko Takkyubin is love UPS or FedEx inside the US in addition to has a black feline because its logo. A compromise was met as Kuroneko Takkyubin approved to conduct because a sponsor since the film. “Mimi wo Sumaseba” (1995), pool inside 1990’s Japan, traits “cameos” by various of Kuroneko Takkyubin’s varied green in addition to tan delivery trucks, let alone an endeavor of lone inside transactions ahead of time on, as Shizuku arrives at school, as she in addition to Yuko are trudging savours school, in addition to in the course of the winding up credits (where the image is evidently visible). There could troth millions of others inside environment shots.

Goofs : Continuity: It is not understandable whether this is an error or a mind that the Baron is alive, on the peculiar hand inside every view that the Baron is shown, he appears separate than the duration earlier than (position of hands, cane furthermore hat).

Tag Lines : Suki na hito ga dekimashita!

Plot Summary : A infantile missy finds that the end lot the books she chooses inside the library go through been hitherto tested by the equal boy. Later she meets a exceptionally annoying fellow… may well it engagement her "friend" savours the library? The boy’s grandfather has a violin sales with provision shop. The boy requests to engagement a violin maker corresponding to his grandfather.

Shizuku lives an easy life, dominated by her attachment since stories in addition to writing. One daylight she notices that everything the library books she has withstand been hitherto verified by the equivalent person: ‘Seiji Amasawa’. Curious apropos who he is, Shizuku meets a boy her time whom she finds infuriating, nevertheless discovers to her astonish that he is her ‘Prince of Books’. As she grows closer to him, she realises that he certainly comprehend everything those books to transfer himself closer to her. The boy Seiji aspires to engagement a violin maker inside Italy, in addition to it is his dreams that style Shizuku realise that she has no understandable track since her life. Knowing that her power lies inside writing, she investigation her talents by inscribing a chronicle around Baron, a pussycat statuette belonging to Seiji’s grandfather.

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