Spark It Up 2010 (2010)

Genre : Animation, Drama

Cast : , Katie Donahue as Erica, Joseph Cavanaugh as Jimmy, Stefanie Seng as Nina, Reid Kaplan as Kool Aid, Cody Forte as Tommy King, Mark Smeraglino as Mikey, Stuart Kaplan as Customer #3, Dave Moan as Hodgey, Laura van Campen as Kelly, Pat Demaile as Barney, Drew Kaplan as Kyle, Jim van Campen as Itchy, Austin Fiszel as Sanders, Bobby Tartaglia as Mule, Blair Harrell as Camo, Dave Smeraglino as Bobby, Fayez Buchara as Santar, Kizzie Artis as Customer #2, Eric Lozada as Trips, Jack Ente as Customer #1, Jessica Hall as Gas Station Girl #1, Jean Lopez as Binny, John Michelman as Clerk, Elisha Brigham as Gram Man, Derek Shwalenberg as Jeremy

Plot : We stumble upon a lot of persons inside life, since attains our innate character: a more well-off along furthermore a built-in flashlight… See more » |

Run Time : 68 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Plot Summary : We stumble upon a lot of human beings inside life, since completes our bedrock character: a more well-off also a built-in flashlight. Hodge, a 22 per annum archaic on his fashion to a party, purchases the more well-off at a local convenience store. At this whoop it up we are introduced to some of the temperaments inside attendance, as at any rate as Tommy King, the host of the party. The more well-off reveals a globe of antidotes with sex, which pushes the points in time of the whoop it up with the human beings involved. Some young people assume they appreciate the entirety in anticipation of it’s more than usually late. For these young people there are no consequences to their contiguous actions, then again they opens up a lower than sweet with deteriorating way of life since a moral to the audience.

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