"The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin" (1987)

Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 5 of 19) , Phil Baron as Teddy Ruxpin / as (32 episodes, 1987), Will Ryan as Grubby (32 episodes, 1987), John Stocker as Newton Gimmick (31 episodes, 1987), Robert Bockstael as L.B. / as (22 episodes, 1987), John Koensgen as Tweeg (19 episodes, 1987)

Plot : Illiop Teddy Ruxpin (Illiops someone bear-like creatures) grass his fatherland inside Rillonia along furthermore his colleague Grubby… See more »

Run Time : 22 min (65 episodes)

Country : USA | Canada

Language : English

Company : Alchemy II/Worlds of Wonder Inc.

Trivia : An segment depicting Tweeg, L.B. plus lots of older books was inside pre-production at Atkinson Film Arts inside Ottawa near to Christmas 1986, in addition to scripts trickling regularly into the layout plus requesting departments. Some bored to death posers launched putting stupid plus risque titles to the books, looking oil the wheels of to they may well troth deleted later, as the scenes were excited inside Korea. A month hence, the Korean rushes got back to Ottawa plus the scenes were scanned to the sponsors. To everyone’s astound plus to Atkinson’s chagrin, it was comprehensible these irrelevant work titles hung on in anticipation of this guide of the product. Korean animators may perhaps not decipher English plus didn’t comprehend these titles were entailed since a short-term joke. Atkinson’s exhausted the expenditure of repairing the scenes, furthermore portions of the false titles remain inside the previous cut.

Plot Summary : Illiop Teddy Ruxpin (Illiops personality bear-like creatures) foliage his native land inside Rillonia and his buddy Grubby, an octopede insect, looking for adventure. They go through a creative scientist noted Dr. Newton Gimmick who accompanies one another on their pursuit given that the Treasure of Grundo. What the Trio impulsively think are six crystals and variant meanings plus powers. These crystals, however, similarly may perhaps enable the Monsters plus Villains Organization (MAVO) to experience finalize electrical energy excess of the land, plus the leader, Quellor, desires to make certain that an Illiop under no circumstances possesses the crystals. Elsewhere, a less pronounced jeopardy similarly robotically besieges the Trio, which is the wannabe lowlife Jack Tweeg, a avid troll who has life-size hopes given that welding MAVO. The sixty five age series, based upon the tape-and-book toy tolerate Teddy Ruxpin, unfolds gradually, since the Trio go through several plus several engaging plus repeatedly personal creatures plus stopover at intriguing lands.

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