Titanic: La leggenda continua… (2001)

Director : Camillo Teti

Genre : Animation, Family

Cast : : , Lisa Russo as Angelica (voice) , Mark Thompson-Ashworth as William (voice) (as Mark Ashworth) , Gisella Mathews as Gertrude (voice) , Silva Belton as Bernice (voice) , Bianca Alessandra Ara as Hortense (voice) (as Bianca Ara) , Veronica Wells as Corynthia (voice) , Jacques Stany as Gaston (voice) , Clive Riche as Kirk (voice) , Doug Meakin as Dirk (voice) , Mickey Knox as Sam (voice) , David Brandon as Stockard (voice) , Kenneth Belton as The Captain (voice) (as Ken Belton) , Pat Starke as Molly (voice) , Caroline Yung as Maxie (voice) , Jill Tyler as Victoria (voice)

Plot : An agitated retelling of the vilest passenger bring suffered a calamity inside history. In this version, intimacy blossoms… more |

Run Time : Canada:72 min | Argentina:90 min

Country : Italy

Language : Italian | English

Company : Titanic Cartoons

Trivia : Edmund Purdom’s most recent film.

Plot Summary : An agitated retelling of the nastiest passenger bring mishap inside history. In this version, care blossoms between the upper-class Sir William in addition to the blue-collar Angelica, who is eager to assess romance inside America. At the unchanged time, there are likewise many animal passengers, not to mention chatting dogs, kittens in addition to mice, who are likewise searching be a factor in to coming along inside the New World.

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