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Apabad (2012)

Country: Nepal read more

80 milionow (2011)

Country: Poland

Release Date: 25 November 2011 (Poland) read more

Beast (2011)

Release Date: 17 November 2011 (Denmark)

Also Known As: Ktinos read more

Konvoy (2012)

Also Known As: Die Überführung read more

Mariachi Gringo (2012)

A stifled, small-town lady caught inside a deadened full life, move in diverse places to Mexico to engagement a mariachi singer. Mariachi Gringo is a musical tour-de-force craving the actuality of following your dreams across cultural, personal, social plus geographical borders. read more

The Lynneville Incident (2012)

Brian income to his homeland of Lynneville subsequent to college graduation in addition to discovers many kinsmen undergo disappeared, let alone his friend, Ted. After exposure proof of disgusting play, he workforce an additional pricey set friend, Elaine, to give somebody a leg up him unravel the puzzle of the Lynneville read more

All in Good Time (2012)

East is East writer Ayub Khan-Din returns with another funny, tender-hearted portrait of family strife. Based on his popular play Rafta, Rafta (itself inspired by Bill Naughtons 1960s classic All in Good Time), the film is set in Bolton where Atul and Vina are celebrating their marriage. read more

The Rez (2012)

Genres : Action, Crime read more

No te enamores de mí (2011)

Country: Argentina read more

Madrid, 1987 (2011)

Genres :

Plot Summary : Madrid, 1987 …is a two-character tale and a verbose discourse on writing, journalism, careerism, aging furthermore politics. Shot basically in a highly constricted space, the tale follows an older, partyed correspondent Miguel who meets the good-looking furthermore coy read more