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Chakravyuh (2012)

Genres : Drama

On the bid of his comrade Kabir, SP Adil Sends him to the Naxal assortment for an informer. When Kabir finds the fact he becomes one amongst their gang leader. read more

Big Red Sour Apple (2012)

Genres :

Richard strives to come to pass to language as well as the specific that his wife, Lisa, tried and true an business little bit on a jaunt to France, along with thus, is reluctant to conceive a kid as well as her. As Lisa gives the look open the door for to flowing on, their brand new neighbors’ female child may read more

Ouf (2012)

Genres : Drama

Stars: Eric Elmosnino, Sophie Quinton and Michaël Abiteboul read more

The Demon Within (2012)

Stars: Emmanuel Ayo Afuwape, Cayla Black and G. Larry Butler read more

Días de vinilo (2012)

Stars: Emilia Attías, Inés Efron and Fernán Mirás read more

Les mouvements du bassin (2012)

Stars: Rachida Brakni, Joana Preiss and Eric Cantona read more

Die Lebenden (2012)

Genres :

The deepest voyage of teen Sita is not merely an excursion into her family's burdened history in the course of World War 2. It is furthermore a distance to the abyss of fresh European society, a spark off which eliminates her like Berlin to Romania by means of Vienna furthermore Warsaw – regarding down read more

Baztan (2012)

Stars: Ramón Agirre, Joseba Apaolaza and Patxi Bengoetxea read more

Crawl (2012)

Stars: Swann Arlaud, Gilles Cohen and Jean-Marie Frin

  read more

El periodista (2012)

Stars: Diego Recalde read more