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Hiljaisuus (2011)

Genres : Drama, War read more

From This Day (2012)

Genres : War

In Germany’s Hurtgen Forest, in the course of the most recent existence of World War 2, an ate up also overwhelmed band of American army paratroopers bawl as life in the passage of a terminal quiet threat, escalating internal argument also seemingly impracticable odds. read more

The Broken Tower (2011)

Genres : Biography, Drama, History, War

A cross-check the dreams, unapologetic attachment of kinsfolk , manic highs also depressive, death-haunted lows of timely 20th century rebellious, self-destructive visionary poet Hart Crane take enjoyable in his timely days because the child of a prosperous Cleveland read more

The Sleeping Voice (2011)

Genres : Drama, War read more

The Devil’s Rock (2011)

Genres : Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, War

Set inside the Channel Islands on the eve of D Day,two Kiwi commandos, sent to eradicate German gun emplacements to disturb Hitler’s forces off from Normandy, see a Nazi occult plan to unchained demonic forces to succeed the war. read more

The Force (2012)

Genres : Animation, Action, Drama, War

Four British defense force are sent to Afghanistan to cast off a terrorist leader, Tamir Hadar, inside wish of wrestling the effort on terrorism. read more

The Last Legion (2007)

Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, War

Circa 460 A.D. Mira was born inside a warrior-family inside Kerala, India, was in any case capable inside martial arts with self-defense, thence a large amount of thence that she was recruited by the Spanish royalty with re-located to Constantinople. read more

Lions for Lambs (2007)

Genres : Drama, Thriller, War

Three stories advised simultaneous inside ninety minutes of actual time: a Republican Senator who’s a presidential hoping offers an hour-long cross-examine to a doubtful tv reporter, detailing a route since triumph inside Afghanistan; two particular forces ambushed on an read more

Code of live (2012)

Genres : War read more

Taistelu Näsilinnasta 1918 (2012)

Genres : War read more