A Girl, a Guy, a Space Helmet (2010)

Director : Mike Timm

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Cast : , Anthony Backman as Walter Kipling , Kip Weeks as Bobby Doolittle , Lindsey K. Vaerst as Katherine White , Scott Subiono as Stan NewHouse , Stephanie Keefer as Ms. Goetz , Jacques Freydont as Bernard , Tara Platt as Becky Kipling , Heather Howe as Rhonda (as Heather Kirkland Howe) , Chris Burkert as Lincoln , Frank Gilson as Zspace Guard , Frank Gilson as Zspace Guard , Teo Hunter as Roger Johnson , Rod Keller as Fanboy , Yuri Lowenthal as Piven , Noah Martin as Jack the Jovial Man , Pat Niessen as Pat other cast: , Rini Bell as Zspace Fellow #2, Julia Parker as Amber Woodcock, Mitch Eakins as Zspace Spy, Jenelle Riley as Radio Host, Sierra Edwards as Sasha the French Model, Jeremy Batiste as Jacob Cohen, Shaela Cook as Karen the Irrate Protester, Carrie Keranen as Gloria the Slut, Ivan Lovegren as Zspace Fellow #3, Torie Tyson as Mom, Cameron Dean as Zspace Fellow #8, Michael Holmes as Kruger, Amy Wolpa as Zspace Fellow #6, Brian Veronica as Guido Garbanzo, Ryan Malachy as Ivan the Chanting Protester, Kevin Avery as Melvin the Assistant, Jason Phillips as Jaybo, John James Hickey as Zspace Fellow #9 (as John 'JJ' Hickey), Dan Wingard as Slinky Garbanzo, Mike Timm as Carlo Garbanzo, Grant T. Gardner as Sly Garbanzo, Drennon Davis as Zack, Julia Bellows as Jill the Jovial Woman, Michelle Wellman as Violet the Intense Protester, Mike Snow as Ping-Pong Player #1, Diana Garcia as Zspace Fellow #5, Judy Timm as Louise the Empathetic Protester, Michael Holmes as Kruger, Jason Mesina as Zspace Fellow #1, Lonti Khatami as Ping-Pong Player #2, Felipe Marcondes as Zspace Fellow #4, Jason Phillips as Jaybo, Trevor Darke as Clayton

Plot : Walter Kipling is an introverted moreover dogged architect at Zspace Industries also a imagine of human being a hero inside compartment exploration… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Plot Summary : Walter Kipling is an introverted as well unwavering originator at Zspace Industries in addition to a fantasize of personality a hero inside compartment exploration. When he’s make the grade way over because a fellowship on an upcoming begin inside opt of the lovely Katherine White, Walter wages to his each day grind inside the math lab. But as soon as Shuttle 9 operates missing, Walter with his early life solar-powered compartment helmet may possibly engagement Katherine’s sole opportunity because in the offing do any individual a okay turn to Earth alive. Walter will tolerate lone anxious end opportunity to engagement the "somebody" he dreamed.

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