Apna Sapna Money Money (2012)

Genres : Comedy, Musical, Romance

Kishan is a youthful person of titillating age indulge in Goa whose wits is filled with every imaginable trick to class a prompt buck. He cons individuals by slipping into abundant outfits as anyways as by assuming scores of guises. Julie, is a sensual confederacy dancer in addition to fairly a local reputation, then again in the rear of her fruity exterior is a compassionate, kind-hearted mature woman who works out of her characteristic to lend a (helping) hand to the needy. Sania Badnaam is a con-woman who paths her sexual issues to tempt kinsfolk as anyways as depart one another penniless later. Beautiful as anyways as unwilling to give up to emotions easily, Sania craves major currency as anyways as power.

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