Blazing Stewardesses (1975)

Director : Al Adamson

Genre : Comedy, Western

Cast : : , Yvonne De Carlo as Honey , Robert Livingston as Brewster (as Bob Livingston) , Don 'Red' Barry as Trask , Geoffrey Land as Bob , Connie Hoffman as Debbie , Regina Carrol as Lori , Marilyn Joi as Barbara (as T.A. King) , Harry Ritz as Jimmy , Jimmy Ritz as Harry , Lon Bradshaw as Old Timer , Sheldon Lee as Chuck , Jerry Mills as Pilot , Jon Shank as Sheik , Nicolle Riddell as Jackie (as Nicole Riddell) , Carol Bilger as Chuck's Girl

Plot : BLAZING STEWARDESSES traits Adamson’s wife, cult screech queen Regina Carrol, plus Yvonne DeCarlo, paramount appreciate for TV’s Lily Munster… See more » |

Run Time : 95 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Trivia : First movie for the cause that The Ritz Brothers comedy partners for the reason that 1943. Originally conceived since a comeback movie for the cause that The Three Stooges, which at the present consisted of Moe Howard, Joe DeRita plus newcomer Emil Sitka. Howard passed on to the immense beyond prior to set of programmes began, which was as the Ritz Brothers were took in.

Goofs : Continuity: A masked dreadful human conventions a Rambler sedan bit chasing a truck hauling casino equipment. When the dreadful human crashes, the motorized vehicle tumbling downhill bit afire is a Ford Falcon station wagon, not the Rambler sedan.

Tag Lines : Out-Blazes "Blazing Saddles"
Eat Your Heart Out Mel Brooks!
This years mad mad world of sheer lunacy and complete insanity.

Plot Summary : BLAZING STEWARDESSES attributes Adamson’s wife, cult cry queen Regina Carrol, as anyways as Yvonne DeCarlo, most excellent grasp since TV’s Lily Munster. This all-purpose comedy, the sequel to NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES, finds a planeful of oversexed airline attendants concerning oneself in sip on a ranch. Little do they know, however, as features to the masked bandit lurking inside the sagebrush, who competently may possibly blast their aims because different lusty fun.

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