Bleachers (2010)

Director : Derek J Hartman

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Sport

Cast : , Katerina Graham as Melanie, Cassie Scerbo as Sara McLine, Martin Spanjers as Carlton Newman, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Amber, Daniel Booko as Johnny, Kierstin Koppel as Jenna Reaves, Nikita Ramsey as Megan, Jade Ramsey as Mandy, Christopher Foley as Matt Black, Andrea Kelley as Brittany, Aaron Grady as G Money, Rashawn Underdue as Officer Pelfree, Brianna Tatiana as Joy, David Love as Steve Baker, Monique Carmona as Principal Miles

Plot : What happens whilst you combination six students who proceed indulge in wholly distinctive social backgrounds into a day… See more » |

Country : USA

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Derek Hartman Films

Plot Summary : What happens while you mishmash six students who present itself like absolutely dissimilar social backgrounds into on a day by day basis of In School Suspension stimulating each other to ignore Spring Break? Soul hunting hysteria! The well off bitch, the football player, the rocker, the playa, the psycho in addition to the dork rout the kind uses in addition to are obligated to acquiesce their bounce rout break to deplete on a day by day basis also Mr. Simmons, the "Hard Ass" kind administrator, sec their social friends make merry given that a week inside Hawaii. As the students seek to product the paramount out of a terrible day, they tiptoe out of style in addition to seek rigid to circumvent defense in addition to administration. While evoking non-stop experiences, they present itself to comprehend that they withstand to be found them into the manner of stereotypes in addition to labels to have shelter for inside also their peers. Except this day, they’ve beaten the system.

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