Campus Radio (2010)

Director : Aaron James Sorensen

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : , Lauren Walsh as Tommy, Kumar Pallana as Yogi, Anne Griffin as Jolene, Michael Brouillet as Exec, Tom Belding as Xavier, Trevor Zacharias as Derk, Rita Lee as Dava, Kathy Rose Center as Innkeeper, Jeffrey Frost as Zach, Susan Roberts as Landlord, Kevin Martin as Julian, Morgan Sorne as Ted, Austin Lincoln as Rapper, Mike Shell as Stranger, Stephanie Jagst as Crystal, Stephen Bradford as Eric, Drew Johnson as Station Manager, Robyn Russell as Bank Teller, Isaac Cass as The Kid, Josh Cass as Garrett, Michael Bourland as Singing Cowboy, Royce Boswell as Hank, David Dettmer as Emcee

Plot : When campus transistor DJ, plus indie-rock band manager, Xavier P. Thortenberry, discovers the point singer of his band… See more » |

Country : Canada

Language : English

Filming Locations : Austin, Texas, USA

Company : Campus Radio Productions

Plot Summary : When campus transistor DJ, in addition to indie-rock band manager, Xavier P. Thortenberry, discovers the direct singer of his band, has surrender – he thinks he has troubles. But whilst a adult infantile dame seen Tommy, comes to audition since the brand new direct singer – his bona fide bothers begin. Trying to stock a rag-tag band of naughty musicians collectively is project sufficient – human being inside fondness as well as the brand new direct singer is the entirety other than overly a lot of as Xavier. When his band is invited to the nation’s numerous significant music showcase, Xavier’s bothers contemplate their boiling point. Here, inside Austin Texas, the live music properties of the world, the paramount fad that would eternally happen, in addition to the poorest fad that would eternally follow – both happen, in addition to inside the awfully identical hour. And Xavier is departed alone, to find out the bona fide meaning of giant terms love Love in addition to Devotion.

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