Coach (2010/I)

Director : Will Frears

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Sport

Cast : , Liane Balaban as Gabrielle, James Biberi as Ref, Vanessa Callegari as Soccer Player, Bill Camp as Coach Buehl, Gary Cherkassky as Soccer Player #1, Michael Chernus as Michael, Christopher Clawson as Bartender, Gustavo Cunha as Soccer Player, Hugh Dancy as Nick, Miles E. Daniels as Soccer Player, Patch Darragh as Brian, Katherine Dickson as Opera Patron, Daniel Farcher as Brute, Kathryn Faughnan as Jen, Mamie Gummer as Stella, Jonathan Gutierrez as Hector, Laura Heisler as Sandy, Gillian Jacobs as Zoe, Sabina Janay Paellmann as Hector's Sister #1, Ashley Phillips as Soccer player, Keith P. Scott as Soccer Coach, Ryann Shane as Juliette, Jesse Stevenson as Ian, Lana Taylor as Zoe's Stylist, Benjamin Walker as Andy, John R. Whelan as Soccer player, David Zayas as Ramon , Donato DeMarinis as Opera Patron (uncredited), Anna Kuchma as Hooker (uncredited)

Plot : A slacker trust-fund pigeonhole finds the inspiration to obtain a occupation for the edify of heart cast soccer team.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : New York City, New York, USA

Company : Cold Fusion Media Group

Plot Summary : To his friends with to his female friend Zoe, Nick is caught inside perpetual adolescence: he’s coming about 30, lives off a agree with fund, has no employment with no responsibilities. When Zoe hastily foliage him with New York for the motive that a employment inside Los Angeles, Nick comes wakeful and a route to draw her back: capturing a employment for a soccer instruct of a junior-high team. At originally it’s a interruption – certainly a strategy. Then, initially completed Hector, the team’s finest player, Nick engages. In the process, he meets an ER doc who worries him, operates at the back of Hector’s father’s do any individual a fine turn to hold the child on the team, with fathoms he’s conflicted as soon as he gets the opportunity to reconnect and Zoe. Can arrested sophisticated subside to maturity?

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