Evan Almighty (2007)

Director : Tom Shadyac

Genre : Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Steve Carell as Evan Baxter , Morgan Freeman as God , Lauren Graham as Joan Baxter , Johnny Simmons as Dylan Baxter , Graham Phillips as Jordan Baxter , Jimmy Bennett as Ryan Baxter , John Goodman as Congressman Long , Wanda Sykes as Rita , John Michael Higgins as Marty , Jonah Hill as Eugene , Molly Shannon as Eve Adams , Harve Presnell as Congressman Burrows , P.J. Byrne as Evan's Staffer , Ralph Louis Harris as Evan's Staffer (as Ralph Harris) , Arden Myrin as Evan's Staffer , Brian Howe as Builder , Ralph P. Martin as Delivery Guy , Maile Flanagan as Mail Person , Angela Martinez as CNN Reporter , Ed Helms as Ark Reporter , David Barrera as Ark Reporter , Jeremiah Birkett as Ark Reporter (as Jeremiah W. Birkett) , Jesse Burch as Ark Reporter , Rachael Harris as Ark Reporter , Casey Strand as Ark Reporter , Wayne Wilderson as Ark Reporter , Dean Norris as Officer Collins , Derick Alexander as Capitol Policeman , Scott Rollins as Capitol Policeman , Madison Mason as Congressman Dodd , Bruce Gray as Congressman Hughes , Paul Collins as Congressman Stamp , Lisa Arch as Staffer , Judith Benezra as Staffer , Krista Carpenter as Staffer , Gerald Downey as Staffer , Simon Helberg as Staffer , Dylan Jones as Staffer , Jay Lay as Staffer , Suzy Nakamura as Staffer , Matt Price as Staffer , Irene Roseen as Staffer , Larry Sullivan as Staffer , Audrey Wasilewski as Staffer , Jon Wellner as Staffer , Channing Chase as Neighbor , Jim Doughan as Neighbor , Shelley Dowdy as Neighbor , Meagen Fay as Neighbor , Pete Gardner as Neighbor , Gregg Goulet as Neighbor , Jan Hoag as Neighbor , Harry S. Murphy as Neighbor , Ruth Williamson as Neighbor , Don Dowe as Newsroom Camera Operator , Shashawnee Hall as Newsroom Camera Operator , Lucia Forte as Court Stenographer , Deborah Carson as Congressional Reporter , Lamont Thompson as Officer M. Gilbert , Larry Dorf as Officer B. McKenzie , Tom Beyer as Newsroom Stage Manager , Topper Shutt as Local Weatherman , Juan M. Fernández as Network Reporter , Bridget White as Network Reporter (as Bridget Ann White) , Roxana Ortega as Reporter in Evan's Office , Brendan Patrick Connor as Fish 'n' Chips Patron , Charlie Hartsock as Fish 'n' Chips Patron , William Dennis Hunt as Committee Member , Franklin Dennis Jones as Committee Member , Lillian Lehman as Committee Member , Catherine McGoohan as Committee Member , Phil Reeves as Committee Member , Edmund L. Shaff as Committee Member , Tucker Smallwood as Committee Member , David St. James as Committee Member , Donzella Berry as Congressperson , Brian Carpenter as Congressperson , Thomas Crawford as Congressperson , Gregg Daniel as Congressperson , Bill Debrason as Congressperson , Terry Menefee Gau as Congressperson , Mario Griego as Congressperson , Bonnie Johnson as Congressperson , Ted Johnson as Congressperson , Michael Stanton Kennedy as Congressperson , Frances Mitchell as Congressperson , James Newman as Congressperson , Patrick Pankhurst as Congressperson , Alan Sader as Congressperson , James Shanklin as Congressperson , Robert Shepherd as Congressperson , Rick Warner as Congressperson , Rachel Winfree as Congressperson , Jon Stewart as Himself rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Michael Ahl as Congressman (uncredited), Bruno Amato as Wrecking Ball Operator (uncredited), Jeremy Ambler as Neighbor (uncredited), Nora Bauer as Congressperson (uncredited), Mark Bedell as SWAT Officer (uncredited), Catherine Bell as Susan Ortega – News Anchor (uncredited), Felix J. Boyle as Congressman (uncredited), Greg Brown as Passenger on Arc (uncredited), Ray Bullock as Reporter (uncredited), Booty Chewning as Neighbor (uncredited), Robert Christian as Congressperson (uncredited), Greg Cooper as Tattooed Driver (uncredited), Brandon Cordon as Neighbor (uncredited), Rob Darren as Press Photographer (uncredited), Ed Easterling as Capitol Hill Photographer (uncredited), Kimberly Evan as Reporter (uncredited), Jennifer Glasgow as Neighbor (uncredited), James Green as Photographer (uncredited), Dot Gregory as Congressperson (uncredited), Lucas N. Hall as Neighbor (uncredited), Katherine Hoskins Mackey as Businesswoman (uncredited), Marc A. Hutchins as Neighbor (uncredited), Henry Jaderlund as Ark Reporter (uncredited), Raymond H. Johnson as Congressman (uncredited), Aaron Michael Lacey as Capitol Police Officer (uncredited), Kimberly Langley as Congressional Staffer (uncredited), Todd McCall as News Reporter (uncredited), Jared Morrison as Congressman Long's Aide (uncredited), Christopher Phillips as Steve Carell's Parade Car Driver (uncredited), David Powledge as Neighbor (uncredited), Phillip A. Ranallo as Congressional Staffer (uncredited), Jacob Rhodes as Boy in Crowd (uncredited), McKenzie Shea as Tourist (uncredited), Tim L. Smith as Union Mechanic (uncredited), Ryan Sun as Onlooker (uncredited), Devon Tucker as Boy in Restaurant (uncredited), Juan Pablo Veizaga as Neighbor (uncredited), Nick Ventura as Metro Cop (uncredited), Lauren Starkey Ward as Congressional Staffer (uncredited), Terry Ward as Ark Reporter (uncredited), Lee Washington as Neighbor (uncredited), Chris Winters as Construction Worker (uncredited), Stephen Zaleski as Capitol Police Officer (uncredited)

Plot : God contacts Congressman Evan Baxter as at any rate as tells him to make an ark inside practice for the explanation that a large flood.

Run Time : 96 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Company : Universal Pictures

Trivia : Originally conceived for an immediate sequel to Bruce Almighty (2003) also Jim Carrey reprising his role relishes the original. Robert Florsheim as nonetheless as Josh Stolberg’s essay “The Passion of the Ark” curious expensive application inside Hollywood inside 2004, as nonetheless as was in the end procured by Sony. Director Tom Shadyac, who was allotment of a failed Universal requested since the script, suggested to Sony that they better half to adapt the venture for a sequel to Bruce Almighty (2003), also Carrey indicating he may perhaps imagine returning. Writer Steve Oedekerk rewrote the script, nevertheless Carrey in the end bailed on the venture inside 2005. Shadyac enjoyed time on albeit whilst Steve Carell, whose famous person more matured risen behind the triumph of The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), assented to famous person inside the film, reprising the role of Evan Baxter, this term for the steer character.

Goofs : Continuity: Just ahead of the boy says “Dad,we may perhaps do this…” a crude motor vehicle is introducing on the move at the rear of Evan. In an additional angle, because Evan sits down, the motor vehicle has disappeared. In the scene of the kids subsequent to Evan says “we taste something to lift those beams” the motor vehicle gives the look yet again on the departed nearby of screen. (widescreen version only)

Plot Summary : Buffalo newsman Evan Baxter is elected to Congress along furthermore the slogan, "Change the world." He accidents into a colossal domicile inside an extra Virginia suburb. His Capitol place of job is in addition fantastic, on the variant hand there’s a catch: he’s laid a hand by the dominant Congressman Long to co-sponsor a bill to grant sophisticated inside federal government parks. In steps God, who gives the impression to a skeptical Evan furthermore calmly directions him to generate an ark. Tools furthermore wood come along inside Evan’s yard, animal pairs follow, his beard furthermore hair grow wildly, nomad’s ensemble furthermore a personnel appear. Long grows impatient, Evan starts building, his compartment trees him, reporters gather, furthermore drought grips D.C. Still, Evan believes. But will he modify the world?

The end long system away we found Evan Baxter, he was personality plagued by opponent Bruce Nolan on screen, live relishes their Buffalo TV station. But for long system away qualified also Evan has methodized unsleeping along furthermore Bruce, he’s departed onto larger also more proficient things. Newly elected to Washington D.C. for a congressman, Evan has departed Buffalo, New York inside explore of a heavier calling. But that notifying isn’t aiding inside the illustrious groups of America’s politics, save for personality summoned by the Almighty himself, who has handed Evan the ordeal of developing another ark, a great deal of for Noah finished before. With long system away passing by also his categorization belittled by Evan’s newfound realization, Evan will need to do the execute that God has issued him inside no matter what affirms to engagement a freakish exploit because a full-grown man who merely needed to back his country, may possibly essentially engagement aiding humanity.

Evan Baxter is a increasing congressman also a brilliant in the pipeline plus his ambition to "change the world". God hears this lesson plus decides to crumble him a hand. Delivering Evan the material plus the animals, he styles Evan the undertaking of developing an ark. After attempting to brush off God because a great deal of because possible, Evan sooner or later perform in advance also the plan, even though the assorted Congressmen plus his department thinks he’s mad.

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