Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

Director : Michael Moore

Release Date : 25 June 2004 (USA)

Genre : Documentary, Comedy, History, War

Cast : : , Ben Affleck as Himself (archive footage) , Stevie Wonder as Himself (archive footage) , George W. Bush as Himself (archive footage) , James Baker III as Himself – Former Secretary of State (archive footage) , Richard Gephardt as Himself – Congressman (archive footage) , Tom Daschle as Himself – Senator (archive footage) , Jeffrey Toobin as Himself – Author of "Too Close to Call" (archive footage) , Al Gore as Himself – U.S. Vice President and Senate President (archive footage) , Condoleezza Rice as Herself – National Security Advisor (archive footage) , Donald Rumsfeld as Himself (archive footage) , Saddam Hussein as Himself (archive footage) , George Bush as Himself – Former U.S. President (archive footage) , Ricky Martin as Himself (archive footage) , Byron Dorgan as Himself – Senator in Subcommittee on Aviation (archive footage) , Osama Bin Laden as Himself (archive footage)

Plot : Michael Moore’s behold on no matter what arised to the United States succeeding September 11; along with how the Bush Administration hypothetically old the fatal experience to work hard precipitate its list for the rationale that unjust wars inside Afghanistan along with Iraq.

Run Time : 122 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated R for some violent and disturbing images, and for language.

Language : English | Arabic

Filming Locations : Baghdad, Iraq

Company : Lions Gate Films

Trivia : Michael Moore was similarly brawling and the MPAA far more than their resolution of disintegrating the movie an “R” accounting throughout duration it was personality played inside confined release. Because of the MPAA’s indecision, the movie was before everything let out because “Not Rated” in anticipation of the amaze box workplace achievement also inevitable wide release. Moore ignored his solicited because “PG-13” also the movie taken an “R” accounting relishes at that time onward

Tag Lines : The temperature where freedom burns!
This July the fireworks will fly
Controversy…What Controversy?
Your country. Your future. Your movie.
This summer Michael Moore turns up the heat.

Plot Summary : In this film, muckraker <a href="/name/nm0601619/">Michael Moore</a> turns his take a peep at on <a href="/name/nm0124133/">George W. Bush</a> furthermore his War on Terrorism agenda. He illustrates his row concerning how this failed businessman along furthermore deep senses to the royal domicile of Saud of Saudia Arabia furthermore the Bin Ladins got suit of elected on fraudulent occurrences furthermore proceeded to blunder ended his tasks minute brushing aside warnings of the coming betrayal by his unfamiliar partners. When that treachery strikes along furthermore the 9/11 attacks, Moore explains how Bush failed to seize instantaneous conduct to espouse his nation, barely to in a while cynically sway it to work with his moneyed backers’ corrupt ambitions. Through facts, footage furthermore interviews, Moore illustrates his disagreement of how Bush furthermore his cronies go through gotten America into tougher complication than always sooner than furthermore why Americans should not dais as it.

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