Família Vende Tudo (2011)

Director : Alain Fresnot

Genre : Comedy

Plot : A bracket as well as fiscal dilemma has a superb idea: to style their female offspring Lindinha get fit of pregnant… See more » |

Run Time : 90 min

Country : Brazil

Language : Portuguese

Company : Globo Filmes

Plot Summary : A cast also pecuniary snags has a splendid idea: to product their female offspring Lindinha catch pregnant of the well known singer Ivan Cláudio to inherit many cash in addition to catch one another out of the choke. They financial financial statement the factual daylight hours that the dame should depart also the megastar in addition to start to approach his comprtment schedule. They merely didn't consider also solitary thing: the green also envy Jennifer, helpmate of Ivan, who will not permit this tale cheap.

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