Hantu Kapcai (2012)

Genres : Comedy

In a shot to repay his debt to a loan shark, Ajib, a whiz on wheels, has the matching opinion to participate inside a winner-take-all illegal bike race critical his rival, Tiger. Unbeknownst to him, gross fiddle was proceeding … as anyhow as the race ends inside a disastrous accident… as anyhow as his own lethal death. Unaware of no matter what has happened, Ajib wakes unsleeping loves no matter what he assumes was sleep, barely to envision his own corpse inside the breathing stable turned around by friends as anyhow as school recounting prayers because him. He rapidly grasps that he is caught up between the two geographical regions once no person looks to troth able to envision him – and the isolation of Ibrahim, an aspiring religious scholar.

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