Hole in One (2010)

Director : Drew Ann Rosenberg

Genre : Comedy

Cast : (in credits order) , Steve Talley as Eric P. Keller , David Ellison as Tyler Hayden , Dean Cameron as Dr. Carlton Piedmont , Christopher Showerman as Dr. Hamilton Manning , Sandy Modic as Mandy Hayden , K.T. Tatara as Mark Zbeitnefski , Jerad Anderson as Jason Jones , Jossara Jinaro as Joslyn Whitmore , Dean Cain as Repo Man , Patrick Hubbard as Roman Helbron , Thomas Aske Berg as Fergus MacGuinness , Rico E. Anderson as Darius 'Ice Pyk' Vernon , Jordan Engle as JoJo the Photographer , Jillie Reil as Cheryl – Doctor's Assistant , Steve Giannelli as Dan Daniels , Kristoffer Wight Kelly as Karl Karlson , Iman Frederick as Dayna – Ice Pyk's Assistant , Jimmy Diggs as V'Ger – Ice Pyk's Bodyguard , Veronica Alicino as Ms. Watley , Ted Reis as Arnie DeMark , Scott Benefiel as Scott – SDCNTV Announcer , Stephanie June as Stephanie – SDCNTV Announcer , John K. Anderson as Doug Keller – Eric's Dad , Brise Maine as Cute Infomercial Girl , Justine Ciarrocchi as Sara Saucia – the waitress , Danielle Verdugo as Cookie – Pretty Coed / Dream Girl 1 , Amber Thorne as Herself – TrannyGirl , Samuel DeClan Anderson as Scout Selling Nuts , Gene Rathswohl as Water Delivery Guy , Tim Zues Boland as Marley the Stoner , Tokeli Le Claire as Small Infomercial Girl , Brittany Hartgrove as Ginger Synap – Ginger Girl Dancing , Jordan St. Jean as Painted sex kitten , David H. Lawrence XVII as Taylor Massive – Doctor's Patient , Michael Bell as Doughboy – Ice Pyk's Bodyguard , Heidi Gaines as Mit'chelle Kelly – Fan #1 , Kara Lalumandier as Amanda Kupalot – Fan #2 , Vernon Coleman as Ice Pyk's Doorman , Annaiah Jones as Karmel – Young Girl Dancing , Portia Leigh as Candie – Dream Girl 2 , Kristin Birdwell as Crystal – Dream Girl #3 , Melissa Vassiliadis as Lezlie – hits on mandy , Joanie Baumgardner as Sally – slaps Mark , Jerrika Lord as Partini – drunken topless coed , Steven Cecena as Wally – Waldo's Friend , Brandon Jones as Waldo – as in where's waldo , Shane Lafaitt as Peter – Pro Golfer , Alex Stevens as Frat Party Goer rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Herme Chua as Tiger Woods

Plot : Eric, a highly-gifted golfer however radically-undisciplined college undergrad, finds his globe drastically… See more » |

Run Time : USA:100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Borrego Springs, California, USA

Company : Angelic Pictures

Plot Summary : Eric, a highly-gifted golfer nevertheless radically-undisciplined college undergrad, finds his universe drastically interchanged succeeding bringing conscious the rear a golf wager to a partners of sadistic plastic surgeons. Eric’s bad-boy outlook daily life comes to a squealing halt for he loses his money, his girlfriend, his individualism along with his golf swing. Eric along with his succor Tyler plan to wrestle the doctors, inside a previous golf competition of "Best-Ball" to dig up his subsistence be a tower of force to along with be switched over into the mature person he should suffer been the entirety along.

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