Hot Hot Hot (2011)

Director : Beryl Koltz

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Plot : Ferdinand is a long term recruit at Fish Land, the sea centre indoors the globalised entertainment compound "Worlds Apart"… See more » |

Run Time : 93 min

Country : Luxembourg | Belgium

Language : English

Company : Samsa Film

Plot Summary : Ferdinand is a lasting personnel at Fish Land, the ocean centre indoors the globalised relaxation intricate "Worlds Apart". He's a small, bald forty year-old, also a solitary, over excited introvert, completely dutiful to his emotion as fish. But Ferdinand's neurotic minor years is circled upside slurp the daylight Fish Land closes slurp as six months of renovation. He is transferred to one more variety of "Worlds Apart", the Finnish-Turkish Delight spa, completely geared towards the cool of saunas also steam rooms. Ferdinand is by surprise thrown into a universe of nudity, sensuality, leisure also leaving go… In short, the complete thing he may potentially engagement terrified of! HOT HOT HOT is the belated glide of initiation of an inhibited minor man, who little by little save for undoubtedly learns to speak in confidence to the pleasures of life. It paints a colourful also dodgy representation of a universe trapped between artificiality also authenticity, between institution also peculiarity. It is a motion picture on the body, on nudity also love, also on accepting one's difference.

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