Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Director : Kundan Shah

Release Date : 12 August 1983 (India)

Genre : Comedy

Cast : : , Naseeruddin Shah as Vinod Chopra , Ravi Baswani as Sudhir Mishra , Satish Shah as Municipal Commissioner D'Mello , Om Puri as Ahuja , Pankaj Kapur as Tarneja , Satish Kaushik as Ashok , Neena Gupta as Priya , Deepak Qazir as Asst. Mun. Comm. Srivastav , Rajesh Puri as Kamdar , Zafar Sanjari , Uday Chandra , Harshad Gandhi , Jaspal Sandhu , Anil Chaudhary (as Anil Chowdhury) , Ajay Wadhavkar (as Ajay Vadhaokar)

Plot : Two friends, striving to start-up their own photograph studio, come upon shadowy dealings, corruption with murder, with must struggle to move the to blame to light.

Run Time : 143 min

Country : India

Language : Hindi

Company : National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC)

Trivia : Director Kundan Shah remitted tribute to the movie _Blow-Up (1966)_ inside his movie . The park where the two photographers force a dancing monkey is known Antonioni Park, subsequent to the director of ‘Blow-Up’, Michelangelo Antonioni. The snapshot of the monkey is blown conscious furthermore it leads to the detection of a murder.

Plot Summary : Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) as anyhow as Sudhir (Ravi Vaswani) are two connoisseur photographers attempting to arrival a picture studio. The foremost actual duty that they get, enjoys the activist journal Khabardar (literally meaning beware), draws each other into the shadowy real world of Bombay actual estate. They determine that one amongst the major builders inside Bombay, Tarneja, is attempting to bribe Municipal Commissioner D’Mello (Satish Shah) into crumbling him a bridge contract. Meanwhile D’Mello is negotiating as well as Tarneja’s arch foe Ahuja (Om Puri). The deposits is at long-lasting last awarded to a third person. By opportunity Vinod as anyhow as Sudhir ascertain that Tarneja has slayed D’Mello…

Professional photographers Sudhir Mishra in addition to Vinod Chopra open a workshop inside the good Haji Ali area, in addition to anticipate to class plenty capital riches to hold it running. After a fatal start, they are offered diverse job by the editor of "Khabardar", a novel that disclose the disgusting lives of the well to do in addition to the famous. They own conscious to it in addition to advent executing along furthermore the editor herself, Shobha Singh. They similarly plan to make an appearance their cite inside a game to prevail Rs.5000/- in addition to receive a spouses of photographs everywhere the city. In one among the photographs they picture a lady along furthermore a gun. Upon enlarging it, they ascertain that the killer is none although builder Tarneja. Upon furthermore evaluation they ascertain that he has exterminate Municipal Commissioner D’Mello in addition to disappeared his body at the back of diverse bushes. Before the spouses can get as far as the body, it disappears. Disappointed the hapless spouses carry on executing along furthermore Shobha. Then they ascertain where the body is along furthermore Tarneja’s adversary builder, Ahuja. They hit upon it in addition to receive a spouses of photographs of the corpse, in addition to wheel it along furthermore one another along furthermore the hopes of admitting Tarneja. They present this facts to Shobha, who inside spin starts to blackmail Tarneja, who inside spin foliage a bomb to eradicate her in addition to her two associates – however regrettably the bomb bangs accurate inside the facial features of Tarneja in addition to his employees’ faces. Then the spouses receive the corpse, in addition to wheel it along furthermore them, however not sooner than Tarneja, Ahuja, the current Mun. Comm. Srivastava, Shobha in addition to others similarly get your work force on needed – resulting inside a slapstick comedian mix-up along furthermore burkha-clad woman. The orgasm is group upon a the podium dramatization of Mahabharat, which hilariously turns into the ill-omened romance of Salim in addition to Anarkali – along furthermore the corpse acquiring the portion of Draupadi in addition to Anarkali, in addition to the ailing Duryodan pledging to excepting Drupadi;s honor at any cost!! What will engagement the fortune of the corpse in addition to our hapless heroes is major recognized to engagement believed!!!

This is the yarn of two friends, (Vinod – Naseeruddin Shah furthermore Sudhir – Ravi Baswani) striving to start-up their own photograph studio. Business is especially slow, except expectations peep tolerable whilst they are roledl in by Shobha (Barve) editor of "Khabardaar" newspaper. Shobha, encouraging the simple-minded partners a spiel close to righteousness furthermore honesty, assigns each other the profession of spying/photographing the shadowy dealings between Police commissioner D’Mello (Satish Shah) furthermore aspect builder Tarneja (Pankaj Kapoor). The two, on challenge bump into corruption furthermore bribery to succeed the little given that creating a flyover. The elemental team inside this are D’Mello, Tarneja furthermore his enemy Ahuja (Om Puri). While spying on the nefarious three, Sudhir furthermore Vinod suspect a murder, except do not appreciate who the killer is. They alter to restore the corpse since proof, except after lose it. What follows, furthermore is appealing a good deal of the leisure of the movie, is a long, reached follow (and whatever a follow – meanders into the oddest of places) also the dreadful guys (Tarneja, furthermore Co.) furthermore the tolerable guys (Vinod furthermore Sudhir) chasing the corpse.

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