Just Like Heaven (2005)

Director : Mark Waters

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Reese Witherspoon as Elizabeth , Mark Ruffalo as David , Donal Logue as Jack , Dina Waters as Abby , Ben Shenkman as Brett , Jon Heder as Darryl , Ivana Milicevic as Katrina , Caroline Aaron as Grace , Rosalind Chao as Fran , Ron Canada as Dr. Walsh , Willie Garson as Maitre D' , Gabrielle Made as Nurse Maria , William Caploe as Nurse Bill , Shulie Cowen as Nurse Jenny , Billy Beck as Mr. Clarke , Diego Sebastian as Bandage Guy , Cristian Cruz as Orderly Luis , Benjamin Hughes as Peroxide Rocker , Cara Vivien Rosenberg as Balloon Girl , Catherine Taber as Intern Karen , Chris Pflueger as Abby's Husband , Kerris Dorsey as Zoe , Alyssa Shafer as Lily , Paul Cassell as Brett's Friend , Drew Letchworth as UFO Guy , Raymond O'Connor as Catholic Priest , Lucille Soong as Chinese Exorcist , Joel McKinnon Miller as Lead Ghostbuster , Victor Yerrid as Ghostbuster , Robert Benjamin as Ghostbuster , Ron Hacker as Blues Guy , Kara Hamilton as Valerie , Nicole Wilder as Kim , Lorna Scott as Hippie Neighbor , Jeff Marcus as Uptight Neighbor (as Jeffrey Marcus) , Ken Takemoto as Chinese Neighbor , Chaim Girafi as Dry Cleaner (as Chaim Jeraffi) , Doug Krizner as Donald , Zoe Waters as Park Girl , Jacob Chambers as Kenny , Karen Harrison as Kenny's Friend , Ingrid Coree as Waitress , Lee Burns as Ivan the Bartender , Amita Balla as Young Receptionist , Tim Connolly as Security Guard #1 , Tony Brubaker as Security Guard #2 , Tim Sitarz as Security Guard #3 , Jimmy Ortega as Security Guard #4 , Ken Clark as Security Guard #5 rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Yeena Fisher as Seamstress (uncredited), Michael F. Grant as Passerby (uncredited), Steve Irish as Patrolman (uncredited), Marilee Lessley as Elizabeth in Coma (uncredited), Michael Longstreth as Boy Walking (uncredited), Rick Margaritov as Bar Patron (uncredited), Janean Christine Mariani as Trendy Barfly (uncredited), David T. Niles as Man on Bicycle (uncredited), Claire Stennet as Girl at park (uncredited), Cindy Warner as Golden Retriever Walker (uncredited), James D. Weston II as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Plot : A lonesome view originator (Ruffalo) falls as the enthusiasm of lovely grown man (Witherspoon) who second hand to live inside his different apartment.

Run Time : 95 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Mandarin

Filming Locations : 609 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Company : DreamWorks SKG

Trivia : During sundry scenes as anyhow as rehearsals, the director passed through Mark Ruffalo wear an earpiece to acquire his stanzas delight in Reese Witherspoon who was not on the set, doubling the plight depicted inside the film, where David has to relay Elizabeth’s messages to the others who cannot envision or hearken to her.

Goofs : Continuity: When Katrina asks David where the bathroom is, her thong is hardly sticking out of her jeans, as well inside the then closeup it is sticking remote unsleeping beyond her jeans.

Plot Summary : Elizabeth Masterson, an obsessive medical examiner inside San Francisco, suffered nearly no term as anything. When her female family member also two teens group her wide awake on a date, she gets into a damaging motorized vehicle catastrophe with gets inside a coma. Meanwhile, an view originator known David Abbott moves into San Francisco with coincidentally, into Elizabeth’s space as rent. While at the apartment, Elizabeth’s animation haunts him. She doesn’t consider who she is, who her compartment is, with whatever she finished – All that she remembered was her space with where the end thing was. To cool the arguments, David sees gaze at to eye to discern who Elizabeth truly is. When they draw about to figuring out who she is, they sooner or later view intimacy also lone one more with because they in the end identify who she truly is, they notice that providence truly has situate each other both together.

Elizabeth move excessively a great deal of to experience term given that a boyfriend, except that doesn’t discontinue her cousin surroundings her unsleeping on a blind date. On the method house she gets into an suffered a calamity also works into a three month coma. While she is inside the coma her suite becomes to troth had given that sublet. A landscaper, David, who has ignored his helpmate also principally munchies himself to nap moves into Elizabeth’s apartment. At initially David believes she is a hallucination except for term works on they comprehend the truth. Only David may perhaps notice also pick up Elizabeth. Eventually they surface given that them except issues obtain a flip given that the sorrier as the sanatorium also Elizabeth’s cousin move closer her desires to not artificially delay survival also obtain her off survival support.

Elizabeth Masterson is a dedicated, workaholic physician who is scheme to full of activity given that a life. One night, she gets into a atrocious motorized vehicle disaster plus becomes a energy trapped between bliss plus earth. She doesn’t understand she’s insensitive plus thinks zero has cropped up awaiting she meets David Abbot, a alone architect, who rents her elderly apartment. David thinks he’s weirdo by beholding Elizabeth’s energy plus attempts the entirety routines to take out her, except she delicately won’t depart away. Although the two are absolute opposites they by various means can delicately produce a relationship.

Elizabeth Masterson is a medical examiner in addition to a being alive of work, devoid of joy. But whilst an disaster renders her into a spirit, Elizabeth could engagement compelled to live something she has avoided: downtime. However, in addition to her no longer occupying her apartment, it’s been supplied to David Abbott, a very good gentleman then again a abandoned view actor who has trapped the ire of Elizabeth. She haunts him for a bitter spirit. She’s not enthusiastic to agree her district to David, in addition to he’s not attending to back off bask in his current home. But for these two incessantly fight, they may without difficulty engagement involved to each other.

The workaholic Dr. Elizabeth Masterson has a motorized vehicle suffered a calamity following twenty-six hours performing inside a hospital. Three months later, the panorama originator David Abbott is convalescing indulge in the bereavement of his wife, furthermore rents her place and furnishings inside San Francisco. While breathing inside the place, the vigor of Elizabeth, that exclusively he is able to see, visits furthermore argues and him, then again shortly they come apart fondness since each other. David struggles to value who Elizabeth was, furthermore is astounded and his discovering.

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