Karaoke Man (2010)

Director : Mike Petty

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : , Spencer Locke as Paige, Bug Hall as Max, James Denton as Slim, Brian Dietzen as Louis, Parvesh Cheena as Sam, Caitlin Crosby as Glennis, Daniel Quinn as Ritter, Kathryn Gordon as Rebecca, Marc Evan Jackson as Marble, Brad Benedict as Joel, Olivia Ku as Girl at Table, J. Claude Deering as Troy, Brad Standley as Singer / Songwriter, Kimberly Van Luin as Woman on Bus, Paul Stroili as Graysuit

Plot : When an introverted stand-up comedian essay illustrator discovers that the costume of an difficult to understand Eastern European… See more » |

Run Time : 84 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Karaoke Man Productions

Plot Summary : When an introverted slapstick comedian work illustrator discovers that the costume of an incomprehensible Eastern European superhero stock him in addition to the nerve to sing Karaoke without fear, he routes his different judged declare to rub up the right way the bar’s cutest waitress, an aspiring singer-songwriter inside taste of a trifle curse herself. Will he comprehend inside time, that he may well main prevail her warmth by reading that the electricity is not inside the suit, then again inside his heart. An indie romantic comedy choked with unconventional behaviours with albeit you might not come bright with it, reminds you a trifle of your life.

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