Marziano's (2010)

Director : Ana Katz

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Rita Cortese as Delfina Marziano, Rebecca Deering as Kathleen, Guillermo Francella as Juan Marziano, Facundo Lombard as Andres Marziano, Martín Lombard as Damian Marziano, Mercedes Morán as Nena, Arturo Puig as Luis Marziano

Plot : Los Marziano reconstructs the opening for the rationale that a reunion of two brothers behind a protracted decades of separation. It is a tale that – also deep senses as in any case as a comedic sensibility – deals also the earth of type relations. |

Country : Argentina

Language : Spanish

Filming Locations : Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

Company : K&S Films

Plot Summary :

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