Nim's Island (2008)

Release Date : 4 April 2008 (USA)

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Family

Cast : : , Abigail Breslin as Nim Rusoe , Jodie Foster as Alexandra Rover , Gerard Butler as Jack Rusoe / Alex Rover , Michael Carman as Captain , Mark Brady as Purser , Anthony Simcoe as First Mate , Christopher Baker as Ensign , Peter Callan as Edmund's Father , Rhonda Doyle as Edmund's Mother , Russell Butler as Old Fisherman , Colin Gibson as Cruise Director , Bryan Probets as Australian Tourist #1 , Andrew Nason as Australian Tourist #1 , Dorothy Thorsen as Blue-Haired Woman , Penny Everingham as Older Woman Tourist

Plot : A tender gal inhabits a random island as well as her scientist father in addition to communicates as well as a reclusive person behind of the brand new she’s reading.

Run Time : 96 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated PG for mild adventure action and brief language.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Company : Walden Media

Trivia : The Australian marine lions second hand inside the picture are distinguished Spud in addition to Friday. Both reside at Sea World Australia, in addition to joint the role of Selkie.

Goofs : Factual errors: There is no such obsession since a “Southern Borealis”. They most likely suggest Aurora Australis.

Tag Lines : Be the hero of your own story.
Your adventure starts here.

Plot Summary : Anything may perhaps gain Nim’s Island, a delightful spot ruled by a infantile girl’s imagination. It is an days that mirrors that of her best literary character, Alex Rover – the world’s top adventurer. But Alexandra, the creator of the Rover books, leads a reclusive existence inside the gigantic city. When Nim’s father runs abandoned like their island, a bend of providence brings her at the side of Alexandra. Now they must catch the attention of bravery like their unreal hero, Alex Rover, furthermore estimate potency inside lone one more to conquer Nim’s Island.

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